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The in-ear monitor maker from Poland, Spiral Ear, is known with its silicone-based monitors. The…

A first look at 64 Audio’s A18s: A flagship reprise with brand-new drivers, LID technology and a smooth, natural, studio-made sound.
A first look at Custom Art’s brand-new co-flagship – their most natural-sounding, spacious and balanced effort yet.
A first look at some of 2019’s most exciting budget beasts from Rhapsodio, TP Audio, Astrotec and BGVP.
A first look at newcomer itsfit Lab’s exceptional tri-brid flagship – one of the most bang-for-your-buck TOTLs in the market today.
A sneak preview of some of 2019’s most exciting flagships, featuring initial sound impressions, brief comparisons and more.
qdc in collaboration with Music Sanctuary and DITA Audio announce their very first hybrid IEMs: The Fusion.
Canal Works CW-L71 PSTS offers a weighty and natural sound with an excellent coherence. Check the review to see how that Japanese custom in-ear monitor performs.
A while ago, Unique Melody has updated their flagship Maestro. The new monitor has a stellar performance and provides a weighty and dynamic presentation. Needless to say, it is a great sounding unit.
After gaining worldwide recognition with the 6R, Jomo recently released a new reference-tuned flagship sporting 8 BA drivers: the Samba.

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