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The Bathys offers excellent balance and great listenability on the foundation of a tight note presentation and extended, nuanced top-end. These qualities scale further with a wired connection and the tonality is just as charming whether ANC is on or off.
If you’re looking for a premium TWS earphone purely for exercise, then the MW08S’ powerful sound, stable fit and effective ANC make it a good contender. However, the drop in sonic balance and finesse does make this a far more situational purchase than the MW08
The 1More TWS ANC may not best market leaders, but gets very close for considerably less with a more technical sound on top.
The MW07 Plus may not be the ideal traveller’s earphone, but represents an all-in-one solution that impresses with its versatility.
The 747 is an absolute steal for any buyer looking into an affordable noise cancelling in-ear.
1More’s ANC in-ear is built for the commuter combining an opulent yet perfectly ergonomic design with a warm, lush sound and potent active noise cancellation.
You would be excused for not knowing about OVC, but their new $50 active noise cancelling in-ear might be worth a look if not a listen.
If you can handle their steep pricing, the QuietOn’s ANC earplugs feel like more than just a proof of concept but a technology that’s convenient and practical to use in daily life. 

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