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Burson playmate is a fantastic DAC/Pre amp in its own, it is one of the…

The Hi-mDAC isn’t perfectly neutral but provides an open, tonally transparent and surprisingly expansive listen at a compact price and size.

 Not all of us are aware of Burson audio.  They don't push their products through…

The Ni represents a versatile upgrade, bolstering dedicated sources with huge power and lowering the output impedance of low-quality ones.
The DD TC35B nails the fundamentals of a great source, representing an immediate step up over laptops and manufacturer included dongles with a similarly unobtrusive form factor.
With a sleek silhouette, phenomenal build and refined, elegant sonics, Cozoy’s TAKT C is the ideal pocket rocket for any travelling audiophile.
Cayin’s new upper-mid tier player performs like it wants to be at the very top of the line.
The perfect place to begin your vacuum tube journey.

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