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Many of us might not have heard about Tozo and I too wasn't exactly aware…

Those wanting balance steer clear, for the Orbit excels at what it set out to deliver; that being a rich, larger-than-life listening experience sans other superfluous features.
Armed with Bluetooth technology, a custom fit and the brand’s in-house tech, the Custom Art Go One shows how far bang-for-buck can go with a little effort, experience and ingenuity.
The Bathys offers excellent balance and great listenability on the foundation of a tight note presentation and extended, nuanced top-end. These qualities scale further with a wired connection and the tonality is just as charming whether ANC is on or off.
If you’re looking for a premium TWS earphone purely for exercise, then the MW08S’ powerful sound, stable fit and effective ANC make it a good contender. However, the drop in sonic balance and finesse does make this a far more situational purchase than the MW08
The M5-TWS Custom lies at the pinnacle of TWS sound quality, tuning and fit, but expect to pay a hefty premium to obtain it.
The MTW2 is equipped for almost every situation the user could throw at them while retaining an insightful yet engaging sound.
The MW07 Go suits those wanting a streamlined audio-focused TWS earphone with excellent battery life and a sound that’s warm enough for the GO but balanced enough to be enjoyed at home too.

Coming out of the New York City Status audio founded by James Bertuzzi (who personally…

The M5 TWS joins the select elite of TWS earphones, offering class-leading resolution, a proper soundstage and very strong if not quite perfect balance.

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