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Ever wanted to use the same cable for multiple headphones that have different connectors? Lavricables have the answer, and it’s Grand.
One of the most confronting IEMs of the year, we take a first look at FiR Audio’s groundbreaking Frontier Series flagship.
Sony’s Signature Series WM1Z set the gold standard for music players six years ago. Can its successor, the WM1ZM2, retain the throne?
Miter has released its third-generation DAP case, this time in a more compact and convenient square format.

  Sudio Tolv True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones sells for $129 MSRP. Use code headphonelist for 15%…

A closer look behind Japan’s no.1 portable audio store and their collection of in-ear monitors.
Jomo Audio’s Trinity makes an outstanding first impression – one of the most technically-capable yet tonally-adequate pieces I’ve heard in such a long time.
Kumitate Lab’s NEXT 5 in-ear monitors fuse excellent sonic performance with outstanding Japanese artistry – resulting in three of the most exciting prospects in the mid-tier market today.

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