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A closer look behind Japan’s no.1 portable audio store and their collection of in-ear monitors.
Jomo Audio’s Trinity makes an outstanding first impression – one of the most technically-capable yet tonally-adequate pieces I’ve heard in such a long time.
Kumitate Lab’s NEXT 5 in-ear monitors fuse excellent sonic performance with outstanding Japanese artistry – resulting in three of the most exciting prospects in the mid-tier market today.
Jomo Audio debuts five new in-ear monitors packed to the brim with unprecedented technological innovations and wonderful sonics. From phase correction technology to air-flow-controlled hybrids, these are models you do not want to miss.
A brief look at several mid-tier headphones.
A brief look of various headphones from Audeze, Mr. Speakers, Grado, and Sennheiser.
Featuring 22 brand new products from 10 premier portable audio manufacturers, this CanJam Singapore round-up will be your crystal ball into what porta-fi in the new year has to offer.

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