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Custom IEMs Alclair Reference

Alclair Reference Review

Starting at $399, the Alclair Reference is a mid-level custom monitor that combines a versatile sound signature with the usual isolation, fit, and customization options of a full-shell custom monitor.

Custom IEMs Kozee Sound Solutions Infinity X1

Kozee Infinity X1 Executive Review

Though the base Kozee Infinity X1 runs an incredibly affordable $139 including DIY impressions, the $50 Executive upgrade buys additional accessories, acrylic shells, custom artwork, detachable cables, and a vented transducer.

Custom IEMs 1964EARS 1964-V3

1964 EARS 1964-V3 Review

Priced close to its predecessor but boasting a revised driver configuration and improved tuning, the 1964 EARS 1964-V3 is an easy recommendation among entry-level custom earphones.

Custom IEMs Unique Melody Miracle

Unique Melody Miracle Review

A bit of backstory: This particular Miracle was a gift to me from the Head-Fi community. Frequenters of the portable forum may have seen the original thread started by 12345142. At his suggestion, a fund was created to purchase a high-end custom in-ear for yours truly. Though the JH13Pro won the public poll, those who actually contributed to the fund settled on the Unique Melody Miracle.

Custom IEMs

Alclair Reference Master Custom In-Ear Monitor Review

Alclair is a relatively new company custom in-ear monitor company started by Marc Musselman, whom has quite a bit of experience in the industry. Alclair products are tuned to his specifications, and he is continuously tweaking his products based on feedback from musicians and reviewers as well as working on new products. Speaking to him, he comes across as knowledgeable yet humble and willing to take suggestions.

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