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Wholesome, clear and ravishing in tone, Avara Custom’s EST-6 enhances the reference sound with an effortless zeal and a good ol’ dose of soul.
The Craft Four represents outstanding value and is best suited for those wanting a balanced, musical earphone with smooth, prominent vocals and airy highs.
A first look at Stealth Sonics’ brand new flagship with all-new BAs, heightened output and a smooth, organic, full-bodied signature with technical chops to boot.
The Vision Ears ELYSIUM is a sonic masterstroke; a stunning achievement in soulful neutrality, musical clarity and textured resolution, capable of some of the most vivid and immersive listening money can buy.
Lime Ears’ Aether R is a revitalisation of their acclaimed flagship with marked improvements in extension, resolution and midrange presence – all whilst maintaining their signature blend of energy and control.
The FIBAE 4 is Piotr Granicki’s interpretation of a mainstream sound, and – in true Custom Art fashion – it’s as clever, unique and refined as ever.
Alclair’s Electro is an all-around ace. Exquisitely refined, tonally accurate and exceedingly versatile, it pulls off the do-all signature with an electrostatic twist.
The EarSonics EM64 is a work-and-play all-in-one – sporting the clarity, balance and rhythm to satisfy the audiophile and the professional.
The NT-8 secures itself as a firmly TOTL earphone and it has a neutrally toned tuning realised through remarkable technical ability and tact.
Nocturnal Audio’s Avalon is a three-driver thriller – offering tons of snap, crackle and detail at a bargain.

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