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One of the latest additions to its growing earbud family, we take a closer look at TGXEAR’s Sunniva.
Jim Park is making waves with his TGXEAR-branded low-cost range of audiophile quality earbuds. We examine two of his all-star lineup: Serratus and Ripples.
The EM5 is an especially resolving earbud with a comfortable, well-built shell and great, albeit fixed, modular cable that permits enjoyment from any source.
The BS1 Official finds great appeal through its dynamic low-end and clean midrange that will appeal to both earbud and IEM users.
The Astrotec Lyra Classic caters towards vocals lovers and those searching for an earbud with a neutral tone without the associated thinness.
The Lyra Collection delivers a strong performance with much of the musical charm earbuds have become renowned for realised through great technical aptitude.
The Asura 2.0S discards all notion of seal in favour of crystal clarity and a grand soundstage presentation. This is an incredibly refined take on a neutrally-orientated earbud sound.
An earbud built like a full-size set of cans.
The dual dynamic driver Masya impresses with its delicate midrange, smooth high-end and innovative if not perfectly refined form factor.
Newcomer Ourart shoot for the stars with their Ti7, an innovative earbud that sounds almost as good as it looks. Their laid-back tones won’t be to everyone’s liking, but beyond their thickness lies some convincing technicality.

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