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The Liric II suits those wanting a sound that is rich and relaxed yet articulate and genre-flexible all in a premium closed-back form factor that still manages all-day comfort.  

Fiio is one of the most popular and renowned Chinese brands in the market. They…

There are a lot of brands operating out of China but they rarely focus on…

The Hifiman HE-R9 is 1 of 2 dynamic driver headphones featuring their proprietary topology diaphragms. Our reviewer, Kevin, puts the RE9 through its paces.
The 109 Pro boasts market-leading comfort alongside a vibrant sound signature that doesn’t overstay its welcome but injects music with a joie de vivre that hooks upon first listen and continues to engage thereafter.
The Bathys offers excellent balance and great listenability on the foundation of a tight note presentation and extended, nuanced top-end. These qualities scale further with a wired connection and the tonality is just as charming whether ANC is on or off.
This headphone never once feigns balance but delivers excellent bass performance from a snappy driver that allows it to achieve surprising genre flexibility

Technics is one of the most renowned brands, known for their turn tables, music systems,…

INTRODUCTION: Hailing from China Sivga is known for their high quality headphones with a touch…

Solitaire P is the debut headphone from high-end German hi-fi maker T+A elektroakustik, sparing no cost in its unique mix of luxury performance, tech and style.

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