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The DEVA’s versatility makes it an easy recommendation, best suiting those looking for wireless convenience for their TV or PC setup without compromising musical performance.
Rich and clear and made of wood, metal, and leather. What more can you ask for?
When brilliant craftsmen set their sights on the top of the mountain.
Audio-Technica’s ADX5000 is an uncompromising reference piece that unites its pristine clarity with wonderful presence, texture and impact.
M&D’s latest headphone is immensely versatile with effective ANC and class-leading sound quality that scales well with high-quality home equipment.
The perfect headphone? Maybe. Certainly the sort I want to wear all day every day.
The Sundara provides a natural, tonally excellent presentation and one of the most accurate midrange timbres in its price range. Buyers would do well to choose the Sundara.
Brief impressions of Focals new co-flagship, the closed Stellia.

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