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MrSpeakers’ ETHER 2 is the epitome of reference-grade: An uncoloured, unadulterated, pristine listening experience as compelling in the studio as it is in any audiophile’s collection.
This headphone may appear to cater towards the consumers, however, don’t be fooled, the Triple Driver Over-Ear possesses enthusiast quality in every regard.
You can’t make these sound bad, no matter what you play them on.
For studio mixing, these may be the best headphones money can buy.
IEM reviewer flinkenick dips his toes in the world of full-sized headphones with the Utopia, and finds both similarities and differences.
The Cascade isn’t balanced, neutral or realistic, but executes its tuning through marvellous control and clear yet natural voicing.
With the MW60, Master & Dynamic successfully provide a similar experience to their wired model with the added liberation of a stable wireless implementation.
Despite being Advanced Sound’s first, the Alpha is a terrific orthodynamic open-back headphone that demonstrates solidity in its build and refinement in its tuning.
These are not lounge chair headphones, Bluetooth was never designed for such uses in mind. Rather, the Crossfade 2 Wireless pursues functional excellence.
The MH40 is more than just a fashion statement and its sonic expression is far more profound than its superficial luxury may lead buyers to believe.

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