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Headphones Coby CV185

Coby CV-185 Review

For anyone in search of a comfortable budget headphone that leaks little and is wearable for several hours at a time, the CV-185 are definitely worth a closer look.

Headphones Altec Lansing UHP304

Altec Lansing UHP304 Review

With decent build quality and comfort, futuristic styling, and passable sound quality, the Altec Lansing UHP304 makes for a solid low-budget set.

Headphones Aiwa Shellz

Aiwa Shellz Review

The sound is balanced, accurate, and enjoyable, making the Aiwa Shellz worthy of an honorable mention here despite their age and poor availability

Headphones Philips SHL1600

Philips SHL1600 Review

I purchased the Philips SHL1600 hoping for a lightweight, compact, and comfortable portable with average sound quality to use on the go when the isolation of IEMs is undesired.

Headphones Coby CV163

Coby CV163 Review

Though quite comfortable and seemingly designed to accommodate every possible hat size, the Coby CV163 is not a brilliant performer in any way

Headphones Sentry HO268

Sentry HO268 Review

he Sentry HO238 is far from the worst headphone I’ve heard and actually competes fairly well with some of the lower-end sets from Earpollution, Panasonic, Philips, etc.

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