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Denon DN-HP1000 Review

The Denon DN-HP1000 retains the slightly sub-par ergonomics of the lower-end DN-HP700 model and manages to lose a chunk of the audio quality of the cheaper headphone.

Headphones Koss KSC75

Koss KSC75 Review

The Koss KSC75s provide an unmatched combination of practicality, durability, comfort, and impressive sound characteristics at their price point

Headphones Philips SBC HS430

Philips SBC HS430 Review

In the world of portable headphone where the sub-$20 performance bar is set by the Koss KSC75 and JVC Flats the Philips SBC HS430 cannot compete.

Headphones Philips SHL9500

Philips SHL9500 Review

Despite the questionable folding mechanism and my fit issues with them, I think the sound of the Philips SHL9500 justifies the rather modest price tag

Headphones Kanen KM-95

Kanen KM-95 Review

With a price tag under $6, the Kanen KM-95 delivers good value for money with surprisingly clear sound and a handsome, portable, and comfortable design.

Headphones Kanen KM-880

Kanen KM-880 Review

The true value of the KM-880 lies not in their sound but in the possibility of using their unique wooden housings for some more deserving drivers.

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