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Headphones Astrotec AS-100HD

Astrotec AS-100HD Review

The Astrotec AS-100HD is a consumer-friendly portable headphone that manages to provide a warm sound signature with surprisingly powerful bass.

Headphones Astrotec AS-200HD

Astrotec AS-200HD Review

The Astrotec AS-200HD encounters fierce competition from other closed-back sets and doesn’t have much going for it aside from startlingly strong bass.

Headphones Modded Koss KSC75

Koss KSC75 (modded) Review

Even though I prefer the sound of the modified KSC75, for the average listener the price tag and time investment of the mods has dubious value.

Headphones Ultrasone Zino

Ultrasone Zino Review

While the Ultrasone Zinos are certainly attractive to behold, they fall slightly short of expectations set by the $100 price tag.

Headphones Audio-Technica ATH-ES7

Audio-Technica ATH-ES7 Review

Among all of the reasonably priced portable headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-ES7 is a unique offering that manages to combine style and substance without compromising much of either.

Headphones Grado SR60i

Grado SR60i Review

Though I’ve never personally considered Grados to be portable cans, the sound produced by the SR60i for a mere $80 is hard to argue against.

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