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Earphones Sennheiser CX300

The pricing of earphones such as the Lenntek Sonix Micro and the “younger sibling” CX250 render the CX300 somewhat mediocre in today’s crowded marketplace.

Earphones VSonic R02 Silver

The aging VSonic R02 continues to impress with its latest tuning, eschewing the v-shaped signature of the GR02 Bass Edition for a more mid-centric sound with surprisingly good clarity and bass quality.

Earphones JVC HA-EBX85

The JVC HA-EBX85 is a low-end earhook IEM from JVC’s designed-for-women series, a capable budget-minded set that does a few things very well for the price.

Earphones VSonic GR07 Bass Edition

While it does not deviate from the feature set of the original GR07, the VSonic GR07 Bass Edition does deliver exactly what it promises – the clear, detailed sound of the popular GR07 with a bump in bass quantity


Reviewed Mar 2011 Details: Entry-level earphone from bargain-bin electronics brand Sentry Current Price: N/A…

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