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Earphones Astrotec DX-60

While not as refined in sound or design as Astrotec’s higher-end in-ears, the DX-60 is an affordable smartphone headset with a warm, easy-going sound signature.

Earphones Earjax Tonic

Reviewed Nov 2010 Details: Entry-level dynamic-driver earphone from Earjax Current Price: $28 from; $30 from…

Earphones Yamaha EPH-50

Like the lower-end EPH-20, the Yamaha EPH-50 boasts a large amount of very visceral bass but adds to it a fairly clear midrange and crisp, natural-sounding treble.

Earphones Fischer Audio FA-977 Jazz

With dozens of wooden earphones on the market, Fischer Audio’s FA-977 Jazz stands out mostly with its sound signature, combining a fairly large soundstage with intimate, forward mids and hard-hitting but not overbearing bass response.

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