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INTRODUCTION:- I don't think there is anyone who hasn't heard about the Empire Ears. They…

Vision Ears’ EVE20 subverts the dynamic, boom-bap sound with heaps of texture, a robust midrange and an image capable of delivering drive with finesse.
Final Audio’s latest earphones offer unique qualities you won’t find recreated by competitors but also tonalities that differ from the majority. So long as this is to your preference, there is much to like about their detail retrieval and ability to play with space and clarity like few around this price point and well beyond.

INTRODUCTION:- I dont think there is anyone who hasnt heard about Fiio, if not used…

So long as you take into account the narrower soundstage and notable sub-bass bias, the FH3 is an excellent in-ear that represents very strong value.
Moondrop’s latest earphone appends complaints with their former design whilst retaining benchmark level tonal refinement at a substantial price cut.
A resolving yet non-fatiguing sound and thoughtful design make Fir’s latest offering a perfectly evolved complement to the audio enthusiast’s EDC.

In last few months I have worked a handful of BGVP IEMs. I have reviewed…

The Andromeda 2020 isn’t just a homage, but an entire overhaul that addresses the original’s weaknesses whilst compounding upon the its core charm.

I don't think there are many who are not aware of Unique Melody. It is…

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