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Head-Direct (HiFiMan) RE-ZERO

Reviewed Aug 2010 Details: Limited edition TRRS-balanced earphone from HiFiMan/Head-Direct Current Price: $99 from (MSRP: $99) Specs:…

Earphones VSonic GR01

VSonic GR01 Review

Though the VSonic GR01 strays little from the dual-armature monitor formula, it is one of the more competent such earphones I’ve heard

Earphones Phonak PFE

Phonak Audeo PFE Review

Despite the crop of excellent mid-range earphones currently available to the average consumer, the year-old Phonak Audeo PFEs still amaze with their incredibly coherent presentation and musical sound signature.

Earphones Jays Q-Jays

JAYS q-JAYS Review

Despite being a three-year-old design, the JAYS q-JAYS still impress greatly with their ergonomics, aesthetics, and of course sonic qualities.

Earphones Shure SE535

Shure SE535 Review

The SE535 is, on the whole, a better earphone than the outgoing SE530 model, but sets such as the Westone 4 are quick to point out its remaining deficiencies

Earphones Rock-It Sounds R-50

Rock-It Sounds R-50 / R-50M Review

Rock-It Sounds’ flagship capitalizes on some of the best traits of a dual balanced armature setup – tiny size, high efficiency, good detail and clarity, and an extended, well-balanced response.

Earphones Sony MDR-EX600

Sony MDR-EX600 Review

A much more reasonably priced alternative to the flagship MDR-EX1000, the Sony MDR-EX600 is a perfect look into the law of diminishing returns.

Earphones VSonic GR07

VSonic GR07 Review

VSonic GR07 does have the right sound signature to become one of the few studio-friendly dynamic-driver earphones. Its biggest selling point is the excellent balance across the spectrum

Earphones Yamaha EPH-100

Yamaha EPH-100 Review

The Yamaha EPH-100 is easily one of the best-sounding earphones – and one of the best overall packages – in its price class.

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