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Earphones JVC HA-FXT90

JVC HA-FXT90 Review

The JVC FXT90 is not the first dual-dynamic earphone to hit the market, but it may just be the first one you’ll actually want to live with.

Earphones Ortofon e-Q5

Ortofon e-Q5 Review

With the e-Q5 the folks at Ortofon have taken a stab at refining an already-competent performer in accordance with customer complaints – out with the fancy packaging and noisy cable of the e-Q7; in with a lower price tag and more balanced sound signature.


Head-Direct (HiFiMan) RE-ZERO

Reviewed Aug 2010 Details: Limited edition TRRS-balanced earphone from HiFiMan/Head-Direct Current Price: $99 from (MSRP: $99) Specs:…

Earphones HiFiMan RE-400

HiFiMan RE-400 Waterline Review

The HiFiMan RE-400 should appeal to the casual listener better than the models it replaces while holding very close to the HiFiMan sound many—myself included—have come to love.

Earphones Ortofon e-Q7

Ortofon e-Q7 Review

With tight bass, full mids, and smooth (albeit slightly relaxed) treble, the Ortofon e-Q7 possesses one of the most coherent sound signatures in the land of portable audio.

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