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Earphones Monster Miles Davis Tribute

The Monster Miles Davis Tribute is devastatingly expensive but what you get is a beautifully packaged and unique-looking earphone that lags just behind the two cheaper Turbine Pro earphones in overall usability


Reviewed Jul 2010 Details: Dual-driver monitors from Fischer Audio’s flagship Master Series Current Price: $160 from…

Earphones VSonic GR06

The VSonic GR06 does to the sub-$100 market what last year’s release of the GR07 did to top-tier earphones, embarrassing quite a few of its competitors by combining a comfortable over-the-ear form factor, great build quality, and excellent sound at an unreasonably low price point.

Earphones JVC HA-FX700

Like the earphone’s aesthetics and construction quality, the sound of the JVC HA-FX700s is unique and substantial.

Earphones Dunu I 3C-S

The Dunu I 3C-S is more unique in name than design, with clean if slightly mid-centric sonic performance delivered by a single balanced armature driver.

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