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Earphones JVC HA-FX700

Like the earphone’s aesthetics and construction quality, the sound of the JVC HA-FX700s is unique and substantial.

Earphones Dunu I 3C-S

The Dunu I 3C-S is more unique in name than design, with clean if slightly mid-centric sonic performance delivered by a single balanced armature driver.

Earphones VSonic VC02

While VSonic’s GR-series earphones have simply been at the top of their game, the VC02 seems to transcend competing altogether.


Reviewed Jan 2012 Details: JVC’s original wooden in-ear, known in some markets as the HA-FX1000…

Earphones Klipsch Image X10

The Klipsch Image X10 is a high-end consumer-oriented IEM that combines the unobtrusive look and feel of the slim, lightweight housings with warm, smooth, punchy sound derived from a single balance armature driver.

Earphones Meelectronics A151

The MEElectronics A151 may not break any new sonic ground with its dry and accurate sound signature, but it delivers a very wholesome package of sound quality and functionality at a very reasonable price.

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