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The Q1 MKII is a fine upgrade to even the more distinguished smartphones out there. It’s excellent build, compact design and clean but musical sound make it a perfect on the go companion.
The new world of budget gear is upon us, and it’s a bright one.
 The X7 II marks a return to form for Fiio, compounding on the strengths of their previous flagship while addressing a lot of their weaknesses.
The legend continues in this brilliant, robust package at a reasonable price… for Astell&Kern, that is.
The X7 demonstrates that a lot of buyers could benefit by looking into older technology designed to a higher standard than newer models designed with compromise.
The M2s is the TARDIS of digital audio players… it’s much bigger on the inside.
Later into its life, and with numerous vital firmware updates, the AP60 has finally realised its potential as a stable, zippy and balanced sounding hyper-portable budget player.
Let us delve deep and discover what the new mid-range looks and sounds like.
How does the newest thing from FiiO stack up against the competition?
The new 3rd Generation X5 boasts almost class leading build and SQ. However, this time, Fiio’s device is not held back by a mediocre software experience.

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