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Logitech Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitor custom in-ear monitors

Does this $2K CIEM live up to its price?  First, being able to tune the sound to your preference solves one of the issues with CIEMs, which is you have to typically buy a non-refundable product to find out the true sound.  If you don’t like it, you are out a good deal of money, which is why the ability to not only tune the sound, but try it before you buy is important and has a high value in my opinion, which people ask me for all the time.  And when people do ask my opinion, I always recommend they buy based on their sound signature preference and usage.  This feature is great.

From a performance perspective, the sound signature of my unit isn’t as important as the sound tendencies and technical performance since you can tune the sound to your liking. Technically the PRM is one of the top performers I have heard, disappearing and letting the music come through with exceptional transparency and realism.  The sound is spacious and on the organic side of the spectrum, if just by a bit, and it the warmth is north of neutral.  With a laid back presentation, the overall performance is the focus, not the individual instruments, although they are clear and detailed.  The PRM performs at a higher level than the $1K UE IERM and up there with more expensive CIEMs I own.  The Logitech Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitor is an exceptional product, even at its price point, due to the sound tuning feature before you buy and the sound quality you get when the customized version is delivered to you.


–       Exceptional imaging and layering within the very large soundstage

–       Note decay is very natural sounding and realistic providing great tonal accuracy

–       Sound tuning allows you to change the quantity/presentation of the three spectrums, providing you with a better fit to your preference


–       Slightly limited deep bass rumble capability

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