Classical Conceits – A Review of the Cayin N3 Pro

Because the Cayin N3Pro is on the warmer side of the spectrum, you can feel confident pairing this DAP with more neutral/bright headphones, to round things out. And yet, the N3Pro is not aggressively warm, and will not suffocate you when combined with darker monitors.

ZMF Atticus ($1,199, Review HERE) is like the N3Pro in a lot of ways. The balance of warmth, air, and sparkle is masterful, and Cayin’s newest DAP melds gloriously with Atticus’ tuning. Rich lows, profound depth, and the purest of musicality… this setup is the king of all arounders.

For a leaner take, the Ultrasone Edition M Plus is a killer choice. ($1,149, Review HERE). Very neutral and detail-oriented. Highly clean presentation. Not a lot of bass. These cans benefit from a little richness, and Cayin delivers. The N3Pro doesn’t transform them, but it does infuse a touch more lushness and organicity, making them altogether more pleasant.

InEarz Audio Utopia ADEL ($1,439) is a triumph of lush, warm, musicality. If there’s a monitor that can go bad with a wrong pairing, it’s this one. Ideally, you’d want a very neutral source, to steer clear of the sort of congestion which comes from too much warmth. Fortunately, the N3Pro is balanced enough to avoid that. What you get with this marriage is a deeply rich, awe-inspiring tonality you’ll never want to end.



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