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Clear sailing! The New Focal Clear!


Focal, the French company that shook up the headphone world recently with the release of the Elear and the TOTL Utopia, has just released a model situated between these two models called the Clear. With a list price of $1499, it is a bit more than the Elear ($999-it is a sign of the current state of headphone pricing that I can consider the $500 “a bit more”…), and the top of the line Utopia ($3999), and is said to utilize much of the technology that went into the Utopia, for a more linear, “clearer” (who can resist this adjective here…), open sound than the Elear. Initial reviews have been very positive. I’m hoping to get a review sample in the near future.

For more technical details, visit the Focal site:






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  1. I haven’t replaced my focal sphear for more than a year due to its durability and one of the best sounding earbud I’ve ever tried. I wanted to replace it and keep it as a collection before it gets broken. I was told that Sennheiser Momentum and RHA 750 is a good upgrade. What are your thoughts?

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