Comply is known for making ultra-soft foam ear tips, and they have a new product designed to improve the fit of custom in-ear monitors (CIEMs) called Custom Wraps.  Custom Wraps use the same ultra-soft foam as their ear tips, and there are 10 strips in a package good for 5 applications.  As with the foam ear tips, the Custom Wraps will wear out over time depending on conditions including ear wax and sweat, so the actual time between change-outs will vary.

So, if CIEMs are fitted to each individuals ears, why would someone need Custom Wraps?  Here are several examples of where Custom Wraps would help:

1) A common issue when having your ear impressions taken for CIEMs is that the impressions aren’t taken deep enough, leading to a canal mold that is smaller than your actual ear canal.  This can result in a CIEM canal that is in turn too short/narrow and doesn’t create an ideal seal, or loses a seal during movement or while singing.  Of course, getting the shell properly fitted is the best choice, especially if you are within your refit period, but if your CIEMs are old, you can’t afford to be away from your CIEMs for the time it will take for a refit, or other reasons, Custom Wraps are available.

2) Ear canal size can change over time, and if the ear canal becomes larger, Custom Wraps can help fix the issue.

3) Some people have a large variation in ear canal size depending on their head position or jaw movement, so even with a perfect fit, the seal can be broken during movement.

4) You want to make sure you have the best seal possible, it may be worth using Custom Wraps to see if the seal can be improved.

If you have CIEMs and you suspect the canals are too thin or if you lose your seal when moving or singing, you may want to give Comply Custom Wraps a try.

It has also been mentioned that custom wraps can be used around the shell of universal IEMs to improve the seal and/or comfort.


I used the Custom Wraps on two CIEMs.  First, the EarSonics EM3 Pro, which was made from an early set of professionally made impressions that could have been taken deeper and therefore the canals are relatively small compared with the current EarSonics models I have.  After cleaning the canals with rubbing alcohol to remove any wax residue, the Custom Wraps stuck securely.  The bass of the EM3 Pro was more powerful with the wraps without any degradation of sound quality, and the imaging improved a bit.  There was no discomfort during over an hour of wear.

The next CIEM I tried was the Minerva Mi-3, which fit fine, but the canal isn’t the longest.  I cleaned the canals with a silicone CIEM specific cleaner that came with the Rhines Stage 3, but the Comply Custom Wraps did not stick well from the start and came loose after a use or two.  I did not try other silicone CIEMs, but I would suspect the Custom Wraps would not adhere.