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Cracking the CODE: Effect Audio Code 24 and Code 24C

Effect Audio, the Singapore-based boutique cable maker, has been on a real growth spurt of late. With a complete refresh of its Signature Series cables complete, the company has also been hard at work developing its range of solid core cables – thicker gauge, two-wire cables designed for maximum throughput and performance. 

Code 23 (reviewed here) was the first take at this ‘new’ format, with a focused take one pure material: copper. At an attractive price point, and with many positive accolades for its muscular interpretation of the classic copper sound, Code 23 hit the target for many users. But it also had an Achilles’ Heel: poor ergonomics.

Say what you like about its performance, the thick, heavy, and unrelentingly stiff solid core wire made Code 23 a challenge for portable use. So, when Effect Audio announced its new additions to the Core Series – Code 24 and the limited-edition Code 24C – all eyes were inevitably on their ergonomics. 

Without giving anything away, I can happily say that Effect audio ‘cracked the code’ as far as usability is concerned. Both newcomers use a far more flexible type of solid core design called Trio-Flex™ which, along with a slightly thinner wire gauge, makes them notably easier to use. Better yet, both cables also offer a more diverse sound profile that, along with Code 23, transforms the Code Series into a formidable trio of options for a much wider enthusiast audience. 

Packaging and accessories

While not at the same ‘luxury’ level as the likes of Eletech, I’ve always found Effect Audio’s packaging and accessories to be very practical. The new Code cables ship in the same oversized packaging as Code 23, a heavyset charcoal grey, recycled-fibre cardboard box with the cable name on the cover. 

Each cable is presented inside a two-part tray with a cut-out showcasing their unique Y-splitters. Removing the tray, you’ll find a generous purse-style carry case made of tough ballistic nylon, with plenty of space inside for the cable, and smaller pockets for the included ConX Basic and optional TermX boxes (Code 23 ships with a spare set of TermX Basic connectors included; Code 24 and 24C do not).   

Design and fit

There are slight differences in the design and fit of Code 24 and 24C, but as mentioned above, both cables are a significant upgrade ergonomically on the stiffer, heavier Code 23. Even with a similar 16.5awg thickness, Code 24 is softer and much more flexible than Code 23, and Code 24C, at 18.5awg, is even more pliable.

The ear guides of both cables are made from a springy material that takes most of the cable ‘weight’ when worn. The difference with Code 23 is again notable, with the new guides almost pre-shaped to my ears.  

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