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DDhifi TC07S Type-C To Type-C cable review : Upgrade that we need but are not considering

We audiophiles have phases. There is a lot to explore and we always start with a mid set that no matter what we are not going to spend on things except IEMs or headphones. We usually are reluctant to spend on cables, better DAPs and even tips. But when we grow up, explored a handful of stuff and are unfazed by the ever growing list of equipment’s we look for enhancements. We already have a few IEMs or headphones and want to enhance our existing resources without deviating from their signature and mostly without breaking the bank. Some of us are not limited to limitations and they definitely can upgrade their IEM/headphone cables and sources. But for most of us spending more than $300 for a cable or accessories is a no go. And when we start this exploration of accessories, mostly it’s a something from a renowned brand. And I don’t think there is any other brand known more than DDhifi for their quality accessories. They make high quality headphone and IEM cables, inter connectors, DAC/amps and some of the best multipurpose cases in various sizes and use cases.

What I have here is their Type C to C cable TC07s that comes in two trims. The short 10cm version is intended to be used with USB dongles and the 50cm version is to connect the PC with DAC/amps.

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When we buy a dongle we usually get a cable that not only looks cheap but is rarely protected and seldom looks this good. Unlike most connector cables that use plastic, TC07s has metal jackets at both ends and the cable is protected by a layer of SoftFlex PVC. This does make the cable a bit stiff though. We get another layer of protection just over the cables made out of Chemical Foam PE material.

We get silver shielding below it. This protects against power supply interference.

The Nyx O7 series uses complex structures of shielding net, spacers and insulators to match the impedance. Don’t worry, it bounces over my head too.

The cable uses two 27awg high purity Litz Type 2 4N silver cores for data and two 22.9awg Type 2 OFC for power.

DD hifi has put some serious stuff in inside this 10cm cable. Does this translate into performance? Let’s find out.


I have always advised my friends to change their premium USB dongles stock cables with an aftermarket cable to get more out of them and here we are. This DD hifi cable not only packs some serious tech inside it, it makes a dull sounding dongle or IEM sound detailed and more focused.

I have used a lot of cables and IEMs with it. Incidentally I am working on some super expensive PW Audio cables along with TC07s and the way the IEMs responded to TC07s cable is shocking. I know what a good connector can do to the quality of current but this is an eye opener.

So.. Do we get more bass, mids or more treble energy and extension?

This cable brings in much better details and it provides a layer of solidity across the spectrum which helps with better definition and clarity. Lower end gets slightly tighter with better dynamics. Mid range gets better height and vocals are more robust and stable. It’s the treble region that gains plenty. It gets extra definition, better air between instruments, layering and separation improves and so does extension. We get better discipline as the notes feel more uniform. 

Along with all these, we get around 20% bigger stage that can make a good IEM great. Imaging improves, so does the accuracy of cue placement.

TC07s brings in more refinement and this helps a lot with edgy IEMs. The only down side is, softer and subtle notes gain energy and will not feel subtle anymore which results in a bit less contrast between instruments.


Let’s make a short work of this. Is it a good investment? Yes. It is much better than the cables we get with the DAC/Amp and Dongles. We get better details, a bit more energy and better definition across the spectrum and improvement in stage size provides a richer experience. Before you decide to upgrade from your current set of IEMs, I will like to suggest this cable. Use it with your laptop or PC to stream into w dongle or DAC and the improvements are evident.

Those who are not willing to spend $35 on an inter-connector cable can definitely spend more on upgrades. Yes, this cable doesn’t have enhancements that will please everyone but those who like bigger stage will definitely appreciate the extra space and air. This cable can definitely can take a good IEM/headphone and make it sound better without upgrading the DAC/amp or dongle.

What I have here with me is their latest headphone cable.



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