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Earphone Solutions 50% off sale

[Expired] Deal Alert: 50% off Phonak Audeo earphones at EarphoneSolutions (from $50 shipped)

Earphone Solutions is running a 50% off sale on the single-driver Phonak Audeo earphones through the end of the year with coupon code “YEAREND”. All models qualify for free US shipping. The options on sale are as follows:

Audeo PFE 132 ($120 after discount) – original PFE model with 3-button “Apple” remote, reviewed here.
Audeo PFE 122 ($95 after discount) – original PFE model with 1-button smartphone remote, also reviewed here.
Audeo PFE022 ($60 after discount) – “Perfect Bass” model with 1-button smartphone remote, reviewed  here.
Audeo PFE012 ($50 after discount) – “Perfect Bass” model, also reviewed here.

As mentioned in our original PFE012 review, the only difference between the Perfect Bass and the older, more expensive PFE model aside from its slimmed-down accessory pack is in the nozzle-mounted acoustic filters – the 012 uses a new green-colored filter while the old PFE shipped with gray filters, which provided a more trebly sound, and black filters, which fleshed out the midrange a bit at the expense of some top-end sparkle and detail. The green filters offer a significantly different take on the Phonak sound signature – the bass is markedly accentuated and the entire sound signature undergoes a noticeable shift, muffling the mids and treble.

The filters are all interchangeable, so it is possible to easily turn an 022 into a 122 by purchasing the gray or black filters from Audeo’s website for around $25 including postage. Likewise, a PFE122 can be turned into a 022 by purchasing the green filters.

Phonak earphones are renowned for their comfort and sound, and in my opinion a $50 PFE012 + a set of the gray filters purchased separately would make for a wonderfully versatile combination of sound signatures at a very reasonable price. Of course for those who need a mic and prefer a more analytical sound to start with, the $95 PFE 122 is an excellent buy as well.

Edit 01/02/14: now expired

Earphone Solutions 50% off sale







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