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Etymotic Research MC2

[Expired] Deal Alert: Etymotic Research MC2 $19.99+shipping at amazon

Etymotic Research MC2
Etymotic Research MC2

The Etymotic Research MC2, the headset version of the dynamic-driver MC5 model, is currently available for $19.99 + shipping from (sold by 3rd party, so not prime eligible). The MC2 typically runs $80-100.

The MC2 features a microphone and single-button remote and is compatible with Apple and most Android/Windows Mobile devices. Otherwise it is identical to the MC5 model, which I reviewed here. This is the lowest price we’ve seen on any variant of the MC5, making it less expensive than Etymotic’s entry-level earphones, the Ety-Kids EK5, and a highly recommended buy for clear, detailed sound.

Edit 01/11/14: now expired





Living in the fast-paced city of Los Angeles, ljokerl has been using portable audio gear to deal with lengthy commutes for the better part of a decade. He spends much of his time listening to music and occasionally writes portable audio reviews across several enthusiast sites, focusing mostly on in-ear earphones.


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  1. They’re both great earphones – in the end it’s going to come down to what type of sound you prefer. The Flux is going to have more bass and more recessed mids. The MC2 will have less bass depth and impact, but more midrange presence with better clarity. Etys don’t have enough bass for some listeners, especially coming from cheap earbuds, but once you get used to them the clarity can be eye-opening.

    If you’ve never tried a flat/neutral-sounding earphone before I’d lean towards the Flux as the safe choice.

    By the way, if you plan to use them with a computer and need the mic, and your computer has separate audio and mic jacks, you might need an adapter to use either of these as a headset for gaming.

  2. Hey Joker, really appreciate the pointers towards decent earphones! After finding out about the etymotics, I’m trying to chose between that and the flux. Taking into consideration that both would come at roughly the same price for me (I have to use forwarding for the etys).

    My music choice is rather broad where I very from classical to rock, and I also intend to use them for gaming since I’m too broke to buy a decent headset xD
    So, which one would be the better choice?

  3. If you need a mic, the Flux is pretty much tops. If you don’t need headset functionality you have other options, such as the VSonic VSD1, which is a little clearer but not as smooth as the Flux. I prefer it slightly to the SteelSeries. There’s also the new MOE-SS01 for a slightly brighter sound ( and the Audio-Technica CKM500 if you want lots of bass ( All good options, really.

  4. I’ll post more of these – wasn’t sure there would be interest. Posted this one because I’ve never seen any Ety set at this price before.

  5. Thanks for the Deal alert joker. I was about to ask you the same thing – regarding posting Deal-Alerts from different websites that you come across (For ex: mp4nations’s christmas deals, lendmeurears’ clearance sales etc.,) It’d be great for us to choose the best option at any particular moment…

  6. For that type of music you really want the SteelSeries over the Etymotics. They have better deep bass and a more suitable presentation in general.

  7. Hey,
    So I’m looking to buy a pair of earphone and I’m having difficulty between choosing these(due to the sale) or the steelseries flux at 50$.
    I mainly listen to EDM, trap, dubstep and the occasional pop music.

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