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Deal Alert: HiFiMan RE-400 $79 + free US shipping (; Updated: now on Amazon

HiFiMan RE-400 Black Friday advert

HiFiMan is running a “pre-Black Friday” sale with a $20 discount on the fantastic RE-400 in-ear monitors through their official website at Normally $99, the RE-400 is currently $79 while supplies last. Shipping is free within the US.

The RE-400 is the latest iteration of HiFiMan’s dynamic-driver monitors. It offers a balanced, slightly mid-focused sound with a hint of warmth, comfortable form factor, and good noise isolation. It is included in my Earphone Buyer’s Guide as one of the very best balanced-sounding earphones in its price bracket. My full review of the RE-400 can be found here: HiFiMan RE-400 Review.

Link to deal page.

Edit 11/12/14: Now available on Amazon at the same $79 price with free (prime) shipping.

Thanks to getclikinagas for the heads-up.





Living in the fast-paced city of Los Angeles, ljokerl has been using portable audio gear to deal with lengthy commutes for the better part of a decade. He spends much of his time listening to music and occasionally writes portable audio reviews across several enthusiast sites, focusing mostly on in-ear earphones.


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  1. The A71 is an enhanced-bass earphone but I don’t think it has quite enough low end boost to be a direct EPH-100 competitor. It’s definitely punchy, but it’s not a basshead model. That said, so far I think it’s a solid value for a warm, slightly v-shaped sound. Just depends on the signature missing in your collection 🙂

    The BA200 is killer for $100. It’s a pretty solid RE-400 alternative (slight to sizable upgrade, depending on preferences) and at that price well worth picking up IMO.

  2. ljokerl, While on the look-out for the EPH-100/BA200 based on your advice, I came across:
    -The Fidue A71 which is soon going to be available locally. Which one hits “the sweet spot with a compromise” better? A71 or EPH100.
    -A second hand BA200 for 100$. Given my sonic preferences, is this “something that shouldn’t be missed”? In other words is anything as capable as the BA200 under 150$?

    Thanks 🙂

  3. I love both the RE400 and RE272, and sometimes prefer one over the other depending on genre and my mood.
    I was hoping the RE600 would be a notable improvement over the RE400 (especially in the qualities I wanted). Which is why I sought ljokerl’s advice.

    I think I will though….eventually…. when funds are not an issue 😛

  4. I too am a big Hifiman fan , I too LOVE my RE-272, i too wait for the best VFM to emerge

    sell the re400 and get the re600 for 199$ , you won’t regret it.


  5. I do realize my question wasn’t phrased well. I was indeed referring to the compromise point. Thanks. 🙂

  6. Typically with a bass-heavy sound you either get some veiling due to the upper bass “bleeding” up into the lower midrange, or you get the emphasis dropping off in the lower midrange instead, resulting in some amount of recession. What it comes down is hitting the sweet spot with a compromise, which is done by IEMs like the Yamaha EPH-100 for heavy bass, the RBH EP1 and Shure SE215 for moderately heavy bass, plus some high-end ones (e.g. EarSonics SM3 and SM64, Westone UM3X, Westone ES5, etc) for what’s mostly mild-to-moderate bass enhancement.

  7. Thank you very much for your reply ljokerl.

    I did read your innerfidelity review, multiple times. It was mention of the the overall improvements in bass(more tactile and solid), dynamics, depth of presentation that had me considering it at the discounted price. But I guess you are right, it doesn’t make sense considering it is not that different all around and the treble on the RE400 is perfectly fine with me.

    I’ll, see if I can get the BA200 or R3 on the cheap/wait for a RE400 successor < 250$/save up for a CIEM (in that
    Until then, I think I will consider the new RE300h in the hope it will have lesser bass than the MH1C but more forward mids than the VSD1S. But there aren't enough impressions yet to form a consensus.

    PS: Wow. Those stage drivers are pricey.
    PS2: Thanks once again for the honest and sensible advice.
    PS3: What UIEM comes to mind for bass heavy but mids not recessed/masked at all. (<300$)

  8. Good question, and very well-put.

    If you didn’t already have the RE-400, I would be tempted to recommend the RE-600 at that price. However, as an upgrade to an RE-400 you already have, it just doesn’t make that much sense. It’s a good signature for your taste, just not majorly different from the RE-400 (see my InnerFidelity review of both for a comparison).

    There are a couple of things that sound like an RE-400 with better sub-bass presence. Maybe not exactly like it – there are differences here and there, of course – but not radically different in general signature. For instance – the TDK BA200, Brianwavz R3 (not an upgrade, really, but better bass), and the StageDiver SD-2. They don’t have stronger mids than the RE-400, but they do have better deep bass (one of the things I always want, too) and other small differences. And yeah, they’re >$100, so if at that point you’d rather save up for something better (a higher-end CIEM, for instance), by all means do 🙂

  9. ljokerl, could I bother you with a buying advice request?

    The RE-600 is going to be on sale at 199$ from the 15th of November(50% off. Source: Hifiman FB)

    My buying habits: I love IEMs and the personal connect it provides for me to my music collection. But I am not at a point, financially, where I can not think thrice(or 6 times) before spending big. So my purchases thus far have always been patient, researched and of extreme value(thanks to you). MH1C, VSD1S, RE400 are currently my daily drivers. My RE-272 (gifted to me) is for those special moments when I can listen without moving a muscle(for fear of breaking them). So, I look to get the absolute best for the price, if it is in line with my preferences of course.

    Personal preference: I am a mid-head(first) and then a tight bass head(close second) and not a treble head(distant third as I am slightly sensitive to harsh treble). Putting it in perspective will be easier. I volume match using the mids.
    Bass: MH1C has too much bass. VSD1S has good bass but could be tighter. RE400 has good midbass but insufficient subbass. RE272 is forgiven on account of its awesomeness 😛
    Mids: VSD1S is too recessed for me. MH1C mids are second fiddle to the bass and crisp treble, but good nonetheless. RE400 has my ideal mids level and clarity. RE272 has a slightly different take but beautiful mids. I love my mids.
    Treble: Since I volume match using the mids, the VSD1S is more prone to sibilance at those volumes and bothers me. RE400 is ideal but I don’t think a little more energy would hurt. RE272 has much more presence that RE400 but does not bother me…ever. It’s black magic.

    Music library: Equal mix of everything. Mids quality is top priority followed by bass. I do listen to al lot of hip hop instrumentals. 256kbps to 24/96 FLAC
    Source gear: Clip zip, LG G2

    Question: On an average day with average prices, I am waiting for that upgrade to the RE400, but I don’t think it has really come yet (has it?). But… I love both my hifimen to bits and cannot enjoy my music if the mids are recessed.

    TL;DR : I love my re400 and re272. I only buy when it is extreme VFM. Will it be a mistake to not acquire the RE600 at 199$? Or should I be happy with my re272 and re400 for now and wait to spend on an overall complete upgrade? The only main thing I find missing in my high quality audio experience is sub-bass which I have partially cured using the Poweramp EQ.
    At 199$ is there another IEM on the market that makes more sense for me that the RE600?

    Thank you very much for reading. Also, please let me know if any of the information I have provided above is unnecessary or inconsequential(so I may leave it out next time). Or if I have not included any critical info.

  10. I just saw the last line 🙂

    In that case 😀 …I have to mention that the HIFIMAN RE-400 is currently on sale for only 49$ on Amazon (Sold by Hifiman!)

    Unfortunately, they don’t ship internationally..
    But it’s 65$ sold by amazon, with international shipping.

    So tempted to buy a back-up to my first pair.

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