Deal Alert: Meze Sale At Apos Audio!


We’ve reviewed quite a few Meze Audio products on THL and we’ve had a great experience with the Romanian company’s headphones and IEMs. A standout was surely the Rai Penta which we found to offer a highly natural sound and superb build and comfort. This model was promptly followed by the Rai Solo, a single dynamic driver model that shrinks the Penta experience into a vastly more accessible price point.

Apos Audio are delighted to announce ongoing promotion on these models with a $50 discount on the Rai Solo, bringing the price down to $149 USD. In addition, all Rai Penta orders will now include a complimentary balanced silver-plated upgrade cable worth $149.

You can treat yourself to a discounted Rai Solo here and score the Rai Penta bundle here. See here for all of our Meze reviews on THL!


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