Deep Streams and High-Flown Kestrels – A Review of the iBasso IT04


Because IT04 sits so nicely between bright and warm, achieving a fairly neutral voice, your source might tip it too far in a direction you don’t favor. Be mindful of this. If you don’t like bright audio, be sure your DAP is on the warmer side.

The iBasso DX200 with AMP8 ($899, Review HERE) is an outrageous, robust, king-hell performer. It screams dynamism with every note, whilst rendering at the highest of resolutions. With AMP8, the DX200 is on the warmer side, and plays beautifully with IT04. Together you enjoy a clear, meaty, and spacious sound which is impossible not to love.

The DX150 ($499, Review HERE) is certainly a more budget-minded device, but only barely. With the stock AMP6, it too bears a powerful kick. The bass really comes through here, creating a rich, organic mix.

Now, the Astell&Kern SE100 ($1,699, Review HERE) is closer to neutral, with only a touch of warmth. For me, personally, it still pairs well with the IT04. But the overall tone may be too bright for some. This is certainly a good choice if you’re looking for ultimate clarity with a grandiose soundstage.

I am a fan of iBasso. They tend to understand my tastes in most things, and design products which hit me just right. That’s certainly the case with the IT04. It sure as shit sounds a treat. If you love clear, spacious, high-res audio, with limitless extension, both below and up high, the IT04 is hard to beat for the price.


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    • I think I favor the fit and sound of the E5000 more. But there is a clarity to the IT04 that many might find more important.

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