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So what we have here is another product that finds moderate success with its intended uses; games and films are imbued with a broad sense of space even if they are too thick sounding to really separate or resolve detail and placement. However, Dodocool also market these as a music earphone and that’s where they really fall flat on their face. I understand that $25 isn’t a lot of money and the DA131 is definitely passable, the average listener probably won’t notice or care that mids are distant or that highs are almost non-existent. My criticisms mainly stem from the fact that competitors are that much more compelling and those looking for a resolving earphone that really reproduces your music with detail and accuracy should look towards options like the Fiio F3 and Xiaomi Pistons 3/Hybrid. If you judge an earphone purely based on fit, build and bass quantity, then the Dodocool 3D earphones are a good choice, otherwise, they are not at all a wise purchase, the aforementioned Fiio F3 is not only more musically talented, it also features an even more robust cable design and a similarly stable fit.

Verdict – 5/10, The Dodocool’s are honestly subpar when it comes to sound quality. I’m sure plenty will enjoy their thumping bass but above that, the Dodocool’s really provide no more insight than a regular dollar store earphone. Their large soundstage does a good job on films and games but directional cues are muddied and generally inaccurate. Their saving grace will inevitably be their metal build and stable fit which is arguably more important for non-discerning listeners. At a modest $25, I can excuse some of these faults and they do work for gaming in a pinch though the DA131 is not an earphone I can widely recommend.



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