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DooGee S98 pro : The most powerful rugged phone with thermal Imaging

(First thing first, we don’t usually do this kind of stuff. This is an Audio based Website and this isn’t an audio related post or product but we got intimated by the DooGee rep and saying no wasn’t going to sound good.)

This is a mobile phone from DooGee, the S98 pro but it’s not our runoff the mill kind of mobile phone. Media consumption and usual call and social media usage is not this device’s main priority. This is a phone meant to be in the wild. It has the adventurous heart with nifty and niche features under its belt. Being a rugged phone, this is practically earth proof. It has IP68 | IP69k and MIL-STD-810H protection. This device can survive drops from 5 feet height without any problem. It can go up to 5ft under water for 30mins and it has protection against particle sizes up to PM2.5.

In their words:

Engineered For Adventurers

The DOOGEE S98 Pro is built from an aluminum-alloy frame and TPU material for sturdy construction. Extra attention was paid to the joints to create a complete seal to prevent the ingress of fine particles and water when submerged. It was then put through a series of tests including extreme weather tests and drop testing in compliance with MIL-STD-810H.

This already is more than what we usually ask for, it seems like this device already has its protective case built into its body, and guess what? we haven’t looked at this device’s main features.. S98 pro not only has one but two cameras which are extremely rare in the market. We do see a lot of camera features but, none of them is like this. The first and a bit less insane one is a 20mp Sony IMX350 camera, what special you ask? This is night vision camera. It detects infeared light to capture images in deep dark nights with just a flick of our finger.

But the highlight and the main USP of this device is the thermal imaging camera. This isn’t our runoff the mill kind of camera. It doesn’t actually use a lens but has a sensor to sense the temperature and it is excellent at it. This sensor can detect -15 to 550 of temperatire with an accuracy of ±2 ℃.

In their words:

Advanced Thermal Imaging Than Ever

The DOOGEE S98 Pro integrates a professional-grade InfiRay® 256×192 resolution thermal imaging sensor, which brings a huge 2.5x increase in the number of thermal pixels than others. Combined with a 25Hz higher frame rate, it delivers smoother images to help accurately detect draught, dampness, leaks, electric short, blockages, or elevated temperatures.

Even after all these things, S98 pro still has a very capable processor under its hood. The Helio G96 uses 12nm process technology and has a equally impressive mali G57 mc2 graphics at 850mhz.

In their words:

MediaTek Helio G96

Feel Unprecedented Power And Speed

The MediaTek Helio G96 chipset is a very capable processor with 8 cores (2x Arm Cortex A76 & 6x Arm Cortex A55). Built on a powerful CPU architecture and hyper engine 2.0 lite gaming technology, the DOOGEE S98 Pro offers powerful performance in multitasking, gaming, and demanding applications.

What about the basics? S98 pro has it covered too. It ships with a android 12 out of the box, has a 6.3 inch full HD display and the whole thing is powered by a 6000mah cell. S98 pro supports charging speed upto 33w and guess what? It can charge wirelessly with speed up to 15W.

In their words:

Experience Visual Immersion

The DOOGEE S98 Pro sports a responsive 6.3-inch FHD+ waterdrop display. With an aspect ratio of 19:9 and a 15000:1 contrast ratio, you are assured of a great experience while gaming or watching your favorite movie. There is also a protection from a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass.

Large Battery, Less Power Anxiety

DOOGEE S98 Pro sports a 6000mAh battery that is capable of long hours of interrupted power supply. Thanks to the power-efficient processor and AI-optimized software, the battery can last for up to 3 days of active use on a single charge.

Feel free to watch this product video:

Here is the promotion page, you can join the newsletter for early bird discount on the phone:

I hope I will get my hands on this extremely extreme phone, but I don’t have my hopes high, finger crossed!! Sadly there is nothing to associate here with audio except that the 6000mah battery can power our USBdongles and wireless headphones and dongles for longer.

Hope you guys like this off topic article here.

Enjoy!! Cheers!!



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Suman Sourav Meher

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