DUNU DK2001 Review:- One Must Have One*


 The DK2001 like most of the hybrid driver earphones is not really picky when it comes to sources and acts like most of the midrange earphones in the market.

 With a nominal impedance of just 13ohm the 2001 is not very hard to drive out of mobile phones, in fact it is one of the most mobile friendly earphones in the market. It sounds perfectly well out of my Samsung M30s (without losing much detail). There are definitely improvements when used with dedicated DAPs.

TEMPOTEC V1A ($109) (6/10):-

 It is not the most powerful DAP in the market but for budget buyers it is one of the most versatile source. The weaker AK4377 chip (a slightly better chip than the AK4376 used with Fiio M3k) is neither very good nor very capable but is good enough for the DK2001.

 The bass feels slightly less extended, mid-bass shows a bit more prominence and the bass stage is more closed in. The mid range feels slightly more open than the lower end. The vocals feel slightly more energetic. Instruments exhibit a bit of splashiness (jittery) and the level of micro details is not very high. The treble region feels very limited with considerably less stage space. The tonality is slightly on the metallic side. The stage size is limited with low amount of sonicality.

 In short, it doesn’t really open the DK2001 up. You cannot really expect a lot from a sub $100 DAP though.


 The cleanliness and calmness brought by M5s reflects well on the 2001. The bass is tighter and deeper than the tempotec V1a with considerably better tonality and details. The biggest change being the difference in stage size and space between instruments, where the V1a lacked a bit of resolution the M5s delivers fantastic resolution and vivid imaging.

 The M5s extracts better sub-bass depth with a well balanced and controlled mid bass. The mid range boosts fantastic stage (V1a was not bad with stage either) and unleashes the exceptional sonic abilities of the DK2001. Treble exhibits equally good stage size and fantastic energy and extension.

 The slightly musical nature of the M5s matches perfectly with the slightly serious sounding DK2001.


VS IMR R2 Aten (red filter) (400euros):-

Yes the R2 aten has a different technology, it costs a bit more than the DK-2001 but both share a similar sound signature.

 The bass has very good sub-bass presence, similar to the DK2001. The decay speed is slightly faster. Mid bass has slightly less emphasized with similar decay speed. The overall lower region has very good body and air. The mid range is more transparent with better accuracy. Both the earphones have accurate notes depth and sharpness but R2 aten has more accurate tonality. Treble region of both the earphones are fantastic. The R2 aten keeps the notes slightly less aggressive while maintaining equally good transparency and details. Thanks to the Piezoelectric driver the R2 manages to deliver better air and sounds more extended. If the stage size of the DK-2001 is very good, the R2 aten does better. It feels more open and wider.

 The R2 aten is simply a better IEM, technically and tonally.

VS SHOZY Pola ($800):-

 Do you see where I have landed here? It is an IEM nearly 3 times more expensive and the DK2001 really gets close to this very capable earphone in a handful of scenarios.

 Dont you dare to think that the Pola is a slouch from at any. It doesn’t lose from the 2001 in any decipline but the 2001 comes really close to the Pola with its very good sub-bass reach, mid bass body, stage size and treble extension. The Pola’s stage size is marginally bigger than the DK2001. Where the Pola pulls ahead is tonality and micro details.

 It is not really a comparison but the DK2001 is such a capable earphone that it even when compared with an earphone 3 times pricier it holds its ground nicely.

VS Secret Garden 3 ($360):-

The SG3 houses 3 BA drivers and is more balanced that the 2001. It is a good IEM on its own but in front of the 2001 it doesn’t hold much water. The overall tonality feels slightly less natural.

Sub-bass is lesser in quantity but has similar extension. Mid bass is less voluminous, lacks with bass body. The decay speed is faster. Mid range is clumsy and sounds less natural. Instruments have more sharpness but the finishing is missing. Treble region has less extension and the air is lacking. Layering and separation is good but DK2001 does better. Stage size of the SG3 is average and considerably smaller than DK2001 in every direction. Both have very good amount of details but one bad thing about the SG3 is its less intriguing transition phases, the crossover feels lacking with energy and details.

The SG3 is good, but it struggles to maintain evenness across the spectrum. The DK-2001 sounds a lot more mature and evolved.


 I was slightly worried about the DK2001. It is the cheapest IEM of the DK series and the DK-3001 had a not so good reputation about the fit. I was expecting very good sound qualities but I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the 2001. It feels very comfortable inside the ear.

 Sound wise, it delivers a without holding back. The DK2001 has fantastic amount of details and transparency. The bass has satisfying thump with plenty of texture and rumble. Mid range is very rich with sonicality and tonality. Notes are accurate with depth and thickness. The stage size is what makes this a special earphone. With even density the huge stage size it maintains fantastic layering and separation barely seen in this price range. Treble region feels endless with plenty of air and details.

DUNU DK2001 is a fantastic earphone which punches well above it’s asking price. It has in its own to accompany some very capable earphones considerably pricier than its asking price. If you are after a $300 IEM the DK2001 should be on top of your list and for others makers, this is the one to beat for under $300. If the budget allows, one must have one*.

Thanks for you time and patience, have a fantastic time. Enjoy. Cheers.



Suman Sourav Meher

Suman Sourav Meher

My humble audiophile journey started in 2010, when I was in college, where I fell in love with the elements, nuances, and variations of this mesmerizing world. The ability of tiny earphones to recreate amazing sounds made my bad days tolerable and good days better! Now I am a full-time audiophile with a preference for musical tracks, especially vocals and engaging ones. I must admit I am addicted, but not to drugs or alcohol, but to earphones. Come join me as I share my experiences, bad or good, and let’s have some fun!


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