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Dunu DK-3001 In-Ear Earphone Review

Introduction –

Once as obscure as any other small Chinese OEM, Dunu have since made quite the name for themselves. Their company story is one of innovation, firsts and aspiration and most importantly, this philosophy is embodied by their products. They achieved mass praise with their widely reviewed and recommended DN line of triple driver hybrid earphones and this popularity was then compounded upon with their exemplary Titan 1 semi in-ear which provided sensational value at a much lower price point. And though their many other models may not be so renowned, a strong ethos underpins all of Dunu’s products.

So with such a reputation, Dunu have reached into the premium space with their new DK earphone line-up complimenting the continuation of the cheaper Titan earphones. Their new DK-3001 assumes the same hybrid driver format with which Dunu is so familiar with while adding an extra BA driver on top. To provide some grounding to this review, let me stress that I am well familiar with premium earphones around this price in addition to having extensive experience with gear costing many times more so I’ll try not to gush about the DK-3001. That said, with a $500 USD asking price backed by 4 generations of experience, can the DK-3001 provide enough refinement to separate itself from other exemplary value and premium earphones alike? Let’s find out.

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Disclaimer –

I would like to thank Vivian from Dunu very much for her quick communication and for providing me with the DK-3001 for review. There is no monetary incentive for a positive review and despite receiving the earphones free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible.


Accessories –

The DK-3001’s produce a great first impression through their extensive yet tasteful unboxing. They don’t come within the largest, most lavish looking box, but one that is solid and practical.

The box magnetically latches open to reveal the earphones within foam and a pelican style case containing the accessories below. Removing the earphones reveals an additional cable with 2.5mm balanced connector underneath. It is otherwise identical to that installed on the earphone from factory which, as I will divulge in the design section, is a very good thing.

As with many Dunu earphones, the DK-3001 is well outfit with accessories. Notable additions include an array of authentic Spinfits and a pair of Comply foam tips, both great inclusions to have from factory. Dunu also provide buyers with 3 pairs of soft silicone tips and 3 pairs of firmer silicone tips in addition to those already installed on the earphones (medium, soft).

The included case is very large and looks to be incredibly protective with rubber seals protecting from water ingress and a cushioned interior protecting from drops. Despite this, the case is pretty impractical, there’s no chance the case will fit in a pocket and it will take up a good amount of space within a backpack. In daily use, I was much more content with my KZ audio case which is similarly very solid and protective but considerably more compact with a pouch for additional accessories.

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  1. Thanks for the review! How do they compare to the DN2000? I’m completely in love with the sound of them, but they become uncomfortable after a while… Is the V/U-shape less pronounced?

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