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DUNU Titan 1

DUNU Titan 1 In-Ear Earphone Review

DUNU Titan 1

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Brief: The first entry in DUNU’s new Titan series of shallow-fit “half in-ear” earphones
MSRP: approx. $130 (manufacturer’s page)
Current Price: $100 from
Specs: Driver: Dynamic | Imp: 16Ω | Sens: 90 dB | Freq: 10-30k Hz | Cable: 3.9′ L-plug
Nozzle Size: 5mm | Preferred tips: Sony Hybrids, stock hybrid-style single-flanges
Wear Style: Straight down

Accessories (4.5/5) – Single-flange wide-channel (3 sizes), single-flange narrow-channel (3 sizes), and single-flange hybrid-style (3 sizes) eartips, shirt clip, ¼” adapter, hard plastic carrying case, and integrated cable wrap
Build Quality (4/5) – The design of the Titan 1 is dominated by its machined-aluminum housings, plug, and y-split. The polished metal is broken up nicely by the red/blue accent rings on each earpiece, which also act as a convenient left/right channel indicator. The cable is a TPE material similar to other DUNU IEMs, but in this case is also fabric-sheathed below the y-split
Isolation (2/5) – The vented, shallow-fit housings of the Titan 1 provide below-average isolation comparable to open-backed JVC IEMs and other “half in-ear” designs
Microphonics (4/5) – Easily tolerable despite cable-down fitment
Comfort (4/5) – The Titan 1 follows a style of earphone sometimes referred to as “half in-ear” – the large housing holds a 13mm dynamic driver and sits in the outer ear while the nozzle reaches into the ear canal at a heavily raked, ergonomic angle. This type of form factor sacrifices some noise isolation for the comfort of a shallow seal, but the wide housings also mean small outer ears may not accommodate the Titan as comfortably as they would a more compact IEM

Sound (9.1/10) – The sound of the Titan 1 is difficult to shoehorn into an existing class or category. The earphones produce punchy, mildly enhanced bass with a very level boost – there’s nice punch across the range and excellent bass extension, but no mid-bass hump. There is also a broad area of boost in the upper midrange, starting lower than is typical. Upper treble is not very strong, either, making it even harder to classify the sound signature of the Titan 1 as V- or U-shaped. In this, it reminds me of the Ostry KC06, a ~$60 set I recommend often for its clear, mid-forward sound and wide soundstage. However, the Titan 1 provides an upgrade to the Ostry’s sound with a more level frequency response and much better deep bass.

While its bass is mildly enhanced, the Titan 1 is still closer to a “reference” bass quantity than it is to being bass-heavy. It produces more bass than flat-sounding earphones such as the Audio-Technica ATH-IM02 and Aurisonics Rockets, both in impact and sub-bass depth/rumble, but lags behind true enhanced-bass in-ears such as the RHA T20 in bass quantity. Bass quality is very good, comparable to the best offerings in the price range thanks to a lack of mid-bass bloat and quick driver response.

The upper mids of the Titan 1 are quite forward. However, due to the DUNU unit’s extended bass and bright treble, flatter earphones like the Aurisonics Rockets still sound significantly more mid-centric in comparison. The Titan 1 is also not very full-bodied compared to sets such as the RHA T20. The relatively lean note presentation, tight bass, and broad upper midrange boost of the Titan 1 all have a very positive effect on perceived clarity, even if the latter colors the sound somewhat.

Certain flat-sounding IEMs such as the dual-BA LIFE headphones can push out a little more detail compared to the Titan 1; others, not so much. For example the Audio-Technica IM02, while flatter and more balanced than the Titan 1, is not nearly as bright, and sounds neither clearer nor more detailed than the DUNU unit. In fact, the more forward upper mids of the Titan 1 on occasion make vocals sound clearer than they do on the BA-based IM02.

The sound of the Titan 1 is definitely bright, but as the brightness is caused by a relatively level boost, the Titan 1 doesn’t sound peaky or overly harsh/sibilant. It’s not a particularly forgiving earphone, but it fares much better than one would expect – it is slightly brighter but no harsher than the RHA T20, for instance. Compared, on the other hand, to smoother-sounding and more forgiving sets such as the ATH-IM02 and Rockets, the Titan 1 is arguably less natural.

Thanks in part to its prominent treble, the Titan 1 sounds airy and has a wide soundstage. The forward vocals prevent the sound from becoming overly laid-back, however. With its well-extended low end and brighter tone, the Titan 1 has impressive dynamics, too. It sounds more spacious than the RHA T20 and also boasts better separation compared to the more mid-centric Rockets.

The efficiency of the Titan 1 is average, i.e. perfect for everyday listening with a variety of sources. In practical terms, the Titan 1 is not as sensitive as the T20 or balanced armature sets such as ATH-IM02, but more so than Rockets. It is also an excellent set for low-volume listening and situations where situational awareness is somewhat important (better than other IEMs, at least).

Select Comparisons

Below are several head-to-head comparisons between the DUNU Titan 1 and other sets that either perform on a similar level or have somewhat analogous sound tuning (or both). These comparisons may play a direct role in someone’s purchasing decision, but more importantly they help contextualize the earphone’s performance based on the other options currently on the market. 

DUNU Titan 1 vs DUNU DN-2000 ($250)

The DN-2000 is my favorite of DUNU’s dynamic/armature hybrids, a mildly v-shaped top-tier earphone with surprisingly capable deep bass. While the DN-2000 was a natural evolution of the DN-1000 that came before it, the Titan 1 is a completely different design direction for DUNU with its shallow-fitting, vented design and unique sound tuning.

The sound of the DN-2000 is more U-shaped compared to that of the Titan 1 owing to greater deep bass and upper treble presence and a slightly more recessed midrange. The bass of the DN-2000 is a bit more dominant, but the clarity of the hybrid system is still superior to the Titan 1. The DN-2000 is also more efficient. Tonally, the DN-2000 is a touch warmer – the strong upper midrange emphasis of the Titan 1 gives it a brighter tone and makes it sounds a touch less natural to my ears. Both earphones boast notably above-average soundstages, though the imaging of the DN-2000 is a bit more well-rounded.

DUNU Titan 1 vs Philips Fidelio S2 ($100)

The Fidelio S2 and Titan 1 are comparable in both price and form factor – the biggest difference in design between them is the Philips’ flat cable and built-in headset functionality. In terms of sound, the Fidelio S2 is the more accurate earphone and offers a flatter response with more focus on the midrange. The Titan 1 is both brighter and bassier, resulting in a more v-shaped sound signature and more colored tone. The Fidelio S2 sounds a little mid-centric in comparison but is overall more neutral, as well as smoother and more forgiving through the upper midrange and treble. The Titan 1 has a few advantages over the mellower S2, however – thanks to its upper midrange boost and brighter tone its sound tends to be clearer. It is also more dynamic and has a wider, airier presentation.

DUNU Titan 1 vs VSonic GR07 Classic ($100)

The GR07 has been a mainstay in this market segment for years, and while its form factor is more “plain-looking stage monitor” than “stylish metal earbud”, it is the set to beat among $100 audiophile IEMs. Happily, the Titan 1 is as good an earphone as any to go up against the GR07, offering performance that is similar in many ways, but with plenty of sound signature differences.

The sound of the GR07 is flatter and more balanced compared to the more colored Titan 1, which has greater bass boost and a forward upper midrange that makes it sound brighter and thinner compared to the VSonics. The mids of the GR07 are more recessed and the tone is warmer, though the GR07 still has comparable clarity. The GR07 is also smoother than the TITAN 1 under favorable conditions, though its characteristic sibilance-causing treble peaks turn the tables against it on certain tracks. Lastly, the DUNU has a more forward presentation while the GR07 is more laid-back on the whole.

DUNU Titan 1 vs RHA MA750 ($120)

The machined stainless-steel construction of the MA750 is more substantial than the aluminum build of the Titan – a match for the MA750’s weightier, more bass-heavy sound. Indeed, the RHA unit is significantly more boosted at the low end and boasts a warmer tonal character. As is often the case, the bass quantity comes with a quality sacrifice – the bass of the DUNU, while lacking the impact and slam of the RHA’s, is tighter and more well-defined.

The vocals of the Titan 1 are more forward and clearer thanks to its upper midrange boost, and the sound carries more detail and nuance. The Titan 1 is the more balanced and less colored earphone of the two, and also boasts better clarity and tighter bass. The MA750 is more laid-back and recessed in the midrange, perhaps even a bit muffled. Compared to the Titan 1 it sounds like a more bass-heavy IEM than it really is, illustrating just how important context is in audio – next to a true basshead earphone such as the Beats by Dre Tour 2.0 or Sony XBA-Z5, the MA750 sounds positively well-balanced. The MA750 is also significantly smoother through the midrange and treble, and much more forgiving on the whole.

DUNU Titan 1 vs FLC Technology FLC8 ($350)

While the FLC8 allows for many different variations on its sound tuning, for this comparison I used only the slightly-modified-from-stock configuration I described in my original review. In this configuration the FLC8 strongly resembles the DUNU DN-2000, and stacks up to the Titan 1 in much the same way. The FLC8 is v-shaped with a slight treble tilt, sounding brighter and clearer than the Titan 1. Its treble carries more sparkle and is crisper, but is also a touch less forgiving. Likewise, the bass of the FLC8 is slightly tighter and has better definition, but gives up a little weight and impact in comparison to the Titan 1. The Titan 1 is a bit smoother but gets congested more easily than the FLC8, and lacks the instrument separation and imaging of the pricier earphone. Lastly, the FLC8 is significantly more sensitive/efficient than the Titan 1.

TheHeadphoneList Recommended Badge 2016Value (9.5/10) – The Titan 1 is a departure for DUNU not only in design, but also in sound. Its unusual sound tuning turns out to be an asset, however – with the vast number of headphone options in the market these days, it’s very rare to come across a reasonably-priced new set that bucks the trends but still delivers top-notch performance. The Titan 1 does just that, scoring especially high in vocal clarity, bass quality, and its open, airy presentation. The form factor is also nice and versatile – the shallow-fit, half in-ear design boasts a handsome metal construction and is comfortable in the ear.

The Titan 1 appears to be a new direction for DUNU and the start of something great. Perhaps it will turn out to be to DUNU what the GR07 was to VSonic – a superb dynamic-driver earphone at a surprisingly accessible price that informs the company’s direction for years to come. Whatever happens, one thing is certain – the Titan 1 is a great earphone and an excellent value in its own right.

Pros: engaging, mid-forward sound with superb clarity and bass quality
Cons: below-average noise isolation





Living in the fast-paced city of Los Angeles, ljokerl has been using portable audio gear to deal with lengthy commutes for the better part of a decade. He spends much of his time listening to music and occasionally writes portable audio reviews across several enthusiast sites, focusing mostly on in-ear earphones.


46 Responses

  1. Hi Matt C

    I wonder, how can one prefer them over Triple Driver Headphones?

    @ IJokerI

    Thank you for your reviews, you’re great. I’m an audiophile actually, but initially didn’t plan to spend too much on IEMs, since they get lost so easily. Well I tried the 1more Triple Drivers and the Dunu Titan 1, and they both don’t do it for me. The Triple Drivers have great soundstage and instrument seperation, but sound dull to me. The Dunus are kind of exactly the opposite, clear sound, but thin, not as exciting as triple drivers.

    I wonder, what’s the cheapest, good sounding Dynamic + BA Triple Driver Hybrid Earphone that I can get? I am very much into a clear, accurate sound, preferrably flat and natural but with good bass extension (listen to a lot of Techno as well). In doubt, I’d rather go for a brighter, than darker sound. Are the Dunu 2000 the right ones for me?

  2. Hey ljokerl, I am looking for an IEM under $100. I listen to varying genres of music – mostly jazz, blues, grunge and metal. I am looking for IEMs with good clarity without being sibilant and tight bass without being overwhelming. Also, I have relatively small ears and I don’t like IEMs with deep insertion. Replaceable cables or solid build would be a huge plus! Do you have any recommendations?

    Based on your reviews, I have shortlisted the following models (I live in Germany so not everything is available here):
    – VSonic GR07 (afraid it might be sibilant)
    – Dunu Titan 1/3/5
    – 1MORE E1001
    – Alpha & Delta AD01

    I would love your comments and suggestions!

  3. Hey joker, big fan of your list. It is my go to list for headphone reviews.

    I bought these a while ago and i frickkin love everything about them. I wanted to know that if i plan to upgrade to a better pair with similar characteristics, what should I be looking at?

  4. Hey,

    Have you had a listen to the Fiio EX1 V2? I know the first edition was based on the Titan 1 but I’m not sure how this one compares.

  5. Horns will be quite prominent coming from pretty much any other IEM. Not sure it will be the most realistic in terms of positioning, but for all the other reasons you mentioned I’d give it a try.

  6. Titan 1 is a good choice but maybe a little more favoring vocals and acoustic. I’d probably get a warmer set as an all-rounder, maybe a VSonic GR07 Bass Edition. It’s more difficult to find a genre that the VSonic doesn’t excel with.

  7. I consider the Titan 1 and upgrade overall, but I agree that the KC06 sounds a little more gentle at the top end. I don’t think the Titan 1 will be a reprieve from the EX1’s highs.

  8. Hey ljokerl,

    I’m seriously considering springing for the Fiio, as I’m basically into jazz and some blues, although a hit of Jimi Hendrix or Steven Winwood or Stevie Wonder or Ray never hurts. Seems to me that the clarity would work well for this music and that the bass would be powerful enough but not overwhelming for the jazz, which is what I listen to most. How do you think it handles the horns? Thanks for your time and consideration.

    All the best, man.

  9. Hi Mr Joker.. I bought fiio ex1 last week. I’m pretty much satisfied except harsh highs on a very few tracks in my music library. Changing the stock tips helped me very much (piston 3 tips I guess) control the metallic highs and it sounds more full bodied also which is great. I recommend tip rolling a little if anyone has problems with the highs. I used to have an Ostry kc06a, and these excels considering how congested Ostry sounded specially in the bass department. I just wish they had Ostry’s fluidic highs. How do u compare Ostry and Titan1?

  10. If you listen to a wide range of stuff and don’t really have a specific sound signature in mind, my usual go-to is something warm and relatively smooth, with good bass depth and presence. Under $200 this would be the Yamaha EPH-100 and RHA MA750.

    The Titan 1 is very good but they have a much more unusual sound tuning. Some people will love it, others won’t. I don’t usually recommend it out of the blue unless someone has specific requirements that it satisfies.

  11. Hi Joker!

    I’m looking for a pair of IEMs under $200.
    I have a really eclectic taste: Mac Demarco, Television, Frank Ocean, D’angelo, Gang of Four, Daft Punk, Kendrick Lamar, Asap Rocky etc.

    What would you recommend?
    Thank you so much, you’re amazing.

  12. Hey Joker,

    I’m looking for a pair of IEMs sub 200. I have an eclectic taste: Frank Ocean, Mac Demarco, Television, Gang of Four, Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, Asap Rocky, Father John Misty, Blur etc.

    What would you recommend for me? Want something that’s great for a wide variety of music.

    Thank you so much, you’re amazing.

  13. Very nice collection!

    I really like the bass as well, previously I would have said the GR07/GR07 BE has the best balance of bass quality and quantity in this price range but now it’s these.

    Glad we hear things similarly and you’re enjoying the Titan 1!

  14. Thanks |joker| ! I got this iem for 69,00 EUR shipped… I am really impressed from the price/performance ratio, and also the absolute sound quality. Your scoring system is very consistent, even a +0,1 more in the sound quality is a tangible small improvement.

    Dunu Titan 1 bested overall my eph100 , and also my re400 that has a bit more transparent midrange and slightly better on vocals, on the other hand the TItan 1 is more capable on both bass and treble. Honestly, the bass is perfect. No mid-bass hump, it’s tight, punchy, deep and present in good quantity. It works very with modern music. The bass on re400 sometime is a bit weightless. Soundstage is also Killer! So wide, it’s impressive. Can we talk about details? This single dynamic driver is made by the “Detail God” an ancient Greek God that crafted this piece of art, and When the more mortals asked him: “How you did this magic?” He simply answered: “I DUNU”.
    I got the new toy sindrome… OK, I STOP.

    Seriously now, I spent a lot of money on iems, this is the best money spent. Period.

    At this point I am bit tempted by the FLC 8s…
    My collection so far: Titan1, eph100, re400, ie80, m6pro, Piston3, se215. Also had the gr07 and um3x but they broke 🙁

    Thanks again |joker|, you are the IEM MASTER.

  15. Because of diminishing returns this is typically going to be the most true for the best inexpensive IEMs. Philips SHE3580/3590 is almost too good for $10. Xiaomi Piston 3 and Sony MH1C are very difficult to match for their respective sound signatures even when spending 3x more. VSonic VSD1S offers like 85% of the performance of the GR07 at 1/3 the price. And so on…

  16. iJoker, in terms of monetary value, these are clearly superb at £50, IMO you won’t find anything else that comes close. What other budget IEMs do you feel give similar value in comparison to their price?

  17. I’m really surprised you weren’t impressed by the soundstage. It is so unique and is normally the very first thing anyone brings up in reviews in a positive fashion. It’s sooooo wide.

    I can see why you think they are harsh tho, the treble can be fatiguing with silicone tips of all sizes. I used Comply t-500 small tips which made a MASSIVE MASSIVE difference. Gone was the harshness and they were a bit smoother all round. Bass became warmer. I’ve suggested this to others on Head Fi who have PM’d me saying it made a big difference to the sound.

    My main gripe with them was the treble still sounds a wee bit artificial… but at £50 you won’t find anything close to these in terms of value and most importantly… FUN. A shame you didn’t like them but we’re all different. I preferred them over their flagship Dunu DN 2000s at £230

  18. Beats me, anything is possible when it comes to audio and possible mismatches. The Titan 1 is not the smoothest earphone and I would never recommend it if that were one of the criteria, but it’s also not the harshest in its price range by a long shot, especially considering how bright it is.

  19. HI joker ,

    I went ahead and bought the EX1 , but i don’t like them . I find them very sibilant and fatiguing.
    I tried a number of tips but i do admit i got a couple of new ones together with this , the KZ ZN 1 and rock zircons . So my attention is divided to test out fully . I gave them 40-50 hours burn in , but still find them very harsh . The instrument separation and detailing is definitely great , but i couldn’t hear the massive sound stage that is talked about .

    I bought directly from amazon , so its genuine . Maybe i got a wonky piece , trying for a replacement .

    P.S. maybe my ears are not Hi-Fi 🙁

  20. Not much more v-shaped to be honest, at least not in the traditional sense. The upper mids are more forward and that’s about it

  21. Currently using Fidelio S2 and not sure if Titan 1 worth to try, as I prefer more V shape sound.
    Just wonder how V shape Titan 1 over Fidelio S2.

  22. Haven’t been rushing too much on this – other things have had priority – but I’ll review it eventually.

  23. Hi joker, I was just wondering if you would be doing a review on the im02’s anytime soon, seeing how you’ve been making many references to it in this review

  24. I’d go for the Fiio – I’ve never once thought the Titan 1 was dull, lacked soundstaging, or didn’t satisfy me in terms of instrument separation. The SE215 is so much more dull with its laid-back, rolled-off treble that it’s not even in the same ballpark. The IM70 is something I’m not familiar with, but I have tried the lower-end IM50 which is also quite smooth and balanced – more neutral than “lively” IMO.

  25. Hi Joker ,

    I am about to buy a fiio ex1 . I am also looking at shure se 215 , ATH im70 as possible alternatives . I listen primarily to rock/ metal with a little bit of EDM & pop thrown in. I am looking for good wide sound stage specially forward & lively instrument presentation riffs, drums, cymbals etc. I have a xiaomi hybrid and soundmagic e50 & e10 , However i find them non resolving and soundmagic e50 a bit boring and dull. Do you think i should go for fiio’s taking dunu titan as reference .


  26. Not sure, but I doubt it. It’s a dynamic-driver earphone and neither too high nor too low in impedance or efficiency, so there’s no reason for the sound to change significantly.

  27. I’m about to buy a recabled Titan 1 using a twin core cable. Do you think that would have caused the sound quality to change?

  28. Excellent review ljokerl! Been waiting for this as well. My only issue with the Titan 1 is the sound leak which I find extremely annoying hearing what others are listening to and vice versa and the inconvenience of having to wait till no one is around to enjoy at preferred volume level, but otherwise it is a fantastic unit. Glad to see the FLC8 comparison and hope to see a Trinity Audio Delta v1 or v2 comparison soon as well.

  29. They have different sound signatures so which is best ultimately depends on what you want. The e-Q7 is more balanced with a slightly warm tone and slightly laid-back treble. The Titan 1 is more colored, with greater bass enhancement, less forward lower mids, and stronger upper mids and treble for a brighter overall tone. If your preferences lean towards accurate sound, a warmer tone, more upfront male vocals, and/or smoother treble, the e-Q7 is the way to go.

  30. hi how does this compare to ortofon eq7? If you’ll choose between the two in terms of SQ, which do you prefer?

  31. Yeah, the Titan 5 has stronger bass by a significantly bigger margin. Titan 1 and Titan 3 are close in bass quantity, but the Titan 1 is still more level to me.

  32. What what what! Titan 3 is more V shaped with stronger bass? You aren’t referring to the Titan 5 by any chance?

  33. I am finding the Titan 3 a little more v-shaped than the Titan 1. Bass is a little stronger on it and the upper mid/treble region is a little more peaky. I don’t think it does much of what you want, but it’s also unique enough that there’s not really an alternative that I can think of (I blame the Titan 1 for the fact that I had to add a new category to the Buyer’s Guide:

    I feel like with a slightly scaled back mid-bass, more level mids, and a bit less treble than the Titan 1 you would be getting just shy of a flat/neutral sound – maybe not Etymotic-neutral, but perhaps akin to the FI-BA-SS (not that I’m suggesting these, just trying to think of something that’s partway between the Titan 1 and an Ety).

    I guess there’s three of these ~$100 dynamic-driver IEMs that all perform on a somewhat similar level and that are somewhat shy of “flat” in one way or another – the Titan 1, GR07, and the Philips Fidelios. It’s an interesting bunch for sure.

    Oh and thanks very much for the catch on the review mis-categorization – fixed now.

  34. I’ve been waiting for this review for a while. Excellent effort ljokerl. I enjoyed reading it.
    It is a unique IEM that will be relevant for some time to come. Excellent bass, wide natural stage, energetic non-peaky treble, efficient, great build, ~100$, highly detail, excellent for low volume listening. Deserving of the THL badge.

    I do feel the male vocals are a tad recessed at times. The upper mid-range boost probably exaggerates that.
    I’m considering the new Titan 3. Could you give me a quick comparison? (Things I would like to change about the Titan 1: Dial back midbass a hair, pull up the lower mids a tad, lower treble level a hair.
    Basically need a little more presence to male vocals and slightly less fatiguing listen). If not the Titan 3 what comes to mind?

    PS: I noticed that the review was published on Mar-30? It isn’t/wasn’t on the first page. It isn’t even listed on the In-ear reviews page :
    I only came to know this review existed because you linked it in one of your comments.

  35. If you don’t require the Titan 1 sound signature you do have some similarly-priced, equally capable options such as the GR07 from VSonic. Better noise isolation, and (sound signature aside) the performance is on-par.

    If you want the Titan 1 signature I’m afraid you don’t have any equally capable alternatives in the same price range, otherwise the Titan 1 wouldn’t be as special. That said, the isolation on them isn’t that bad. Leakage is pretty negligible unless you plant o be blasting them in a quiet library, and for average noise levels the isolation is sufficient. Worst case scenario is you’ll need to boost the volume by a click or two when you enter a noisier area.

  36. Hey Joker,

    Could you recommend iem that has good sound quality as the Titan 1, but with better noise isolation and less sound leakeage.
    Is it that much the leakage of sound that everybody can hear around ?
    I was sure to buy them, but since now I read a lot of comments about its poor noise isolation and since I use it mostly in buses and while walking, I am not sure now.

    Any suggestion in the price range of 100 $ ?

    Thanks in advance !

  37. You posted this the day after I ordered the EX1. I spent the better part of a week agonizing over this. I am really looking forward to them. If the price difference had been in the 5 to 10 dollar range, I’d have gone with the Titans, but that savings covered most of another set of IEMs. I’m also really happy I ordered them from an Amazon AFFILIATE that ships from their own facility within 24 hours of the order. The rest of my order will be held hostage for 3-7 days because I don’t have Prime. They’ve always been slow as hell when it comes to the free shipping, but ever since they came up with Prime it seems like my orders just sit around the warehouse for a few days before they bother putting it on a truck. This might offend somebody working in an Amazon warehouse who busts his ass 10-12 hours a day, but it’s just strange that it will say “preparing for shipment” for most of this week. I’ll probably have my EX1s before they box up the rest of my stuff.

  38. Once I found out the Titan’s had been rebranded I ordered the Fiio Ex1s to compare and if (as expected) there was no real or big change I was returning the more expensive Dunu’s.

    Fiio £49 compared to Dunu £90.

    These are the 95% the exact same. The only difference I could tell in the sound dept was that the Fiio’s had a little bit more punch, and a tad less warmth (and i mean a tad). It brought vocals a wee bit further forward.

    The BIG soundstage and separation was the exact same… and they still have the same FUN factor in abundance.

    So at nearly half the price… it’s a no brainer. £41 saved! (Going to treat myself to the Xduoo X3 DAP).

  39. One thing I would add, I always use foam tips which have always helped with noise isolation and added to the listening experience in a good way. With re400s they helped the bass come thru a bit more and warmed them up a bit. I tried the Titan out of the box with them and loved the sound. Out of curiosity I used a pair of their own smaller tips which brought me closer to the speaker and it made them sound a bit more neutral and less bassy, in a good way… but even more revealing.

  40. I agree, take it full time. You’ve twice helped me pick my last two IEMs. Your reviews are also very accurate to the sound they produce, in both +s and -s. I’d also like to see you start to review over ear headphones, both open back and closed. I’ve been searching for ages for the right sound (for me).

    As for the Titans, as you know I mentioned them on the Re400 thread so won’t give another review apart from saying they are excellent earphones. Very revealing and most of all… lots of fun. Wide soundstage heps pick out some things the re400s couldn’t and didn’t. Great upgrade from re400s. Like I said, they IMO are a c ross between the SMe10s and re400s… but better than both.

  41. I have seen the EX1 and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a rebranded Titan 1, but I don’t have the unit or its measurements to compare to the Titan 1 so I can’t be sure. I might try to get one for InnerFidelity to measure – that should provide sufficient proof.

    And thanks, I appreciate that! If I ever have the opportunity/necessity to make THL a full-time thing, I’ll definitely be going that route. For now it’s something we’re trying to build up slowly, but there’s still big (positive) changes on the horizon for the site.

  42. I don’t know if you have seen the FiiO EX1’s they look identical and have Dunu logo and text on them, have you heard them they are supposed to be identical but the EX1 is $20-$30 cheaper.

    I love the Titan 1 / EX1’s they are my favorite IEM to just throw on they are comfortable and sound better than my Yamaha eph100’s, klipsch x10’s, gr07’s, HF5’s the only thing better is the FLC 8S which I bought on your recommendation joker so thank you for everything you do.

    Start a patrion I will donate money and so will many many others to help you get more gear to purchase and review! I go by your 1-10 sound quality scale for everything it’s my base line for comparisons.

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