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Earnine EN210 Review – Profound

Pros – 

Rich sound, Clean background, Compact housings

Cons – 

Sharp orientation markers, Intimate soundstage, Congested bass, Fixed cable

Verdict –

Earnine’s EN210 suites those preferring a super clean background, voluminous bass and dense, full-bodied midrange.

Introduction – 

A few years ago, the majority of leading balanced armature earphones were using almost identical internals; Knowles TWFK dual driver. In fact, that speaker unit is still widely employed today in earphones such as the Fiio F9 Pro. Sonion is another driver manufacturer to achieve acclaim with essentially every earphone on the market using one or a combination of drivers from each manufacturer. Though the driver only tells a part of the story when it comes to the final sound, there is a definite character to each and those who have experienced many IEMs can even point them out by ear. Hailing from Korea, Earnine are one of the few to use completely proprietary balanced armature drivers made in-house by TSST. The EN210 is one of their latest IEMs featuring a dual woofer + full-range setup that, due to its in-house components, substantially different to almost every dual driver I’ve heard. You can read more about Earnine and purchase the EN210 here.


Disclaimer – 

I would like to thank Earnine very much for their quick communication and for providing me with the EN210 for the purpose of review. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the earphones free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.


Accessories – 


The EN210 has a pleasing unboxing experience. Sliding off the decorative top cover reveals the earphones and zippered hard case within foam. Inside the case are 2 pairs of silicone ear tips (in addition to the pair pre-installed on the earphones themselves.


Earnine also provides a pair of memory foam tips that offer a more personalised fit and greater noise isolation. The included case is a little large, but its internal pocket enables the user to carry accessories and perhaps a small DAP alongside the earphones themselves.


Design – 

The EN210 employs sleek, low-profile housings to enable an ergonomic fit. They have a plastic construction that feels fairly dense and well-joined with no visible glue or uneven seam as is apparent on some budget Chinese in-ears. Subjectively, this is a step down from the metal EN120 and EN1/2J earphones, but the EN210’s smoked housings do provide some additional visual intrigue, showcasing the custom driver setup inside.


As they barely protrude from the ear, wind noise is minimised when listening outdoors and the earphones are comfortable when sleeping. My only gripe with comfort are the coloured orientation markers that lie at the rear of each housing. The way they’ve been attached to the body leaves a sharp protruding edge that wears on the ear after a few hours.


The earphone has a solid metal sound tube with metal grill. They accept medium bore tips and, due to their flatter inner face, produce a fairly shallow fit depth. Still, as they’re fully sealed and tuned in a warm, full fashion, they well-suit portable use, delivering easily adequate isolation on public transport and general commute.


Up top is a fixed cable which is frankly disappointing to see considering that most competitors offer a removable unit. That said, all terminations are nicely relieved with well-reinforced strain relief. The cable itself is also very easy to live with, slightly thinner than average but supple and compliant with minimal microphonic noise. Its right angle plug is perfect for pocket use and slim enough to fit into a smartphone case.

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