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EarSonics announce new model: the 5 BA ES5

The Headphone List has a long tradition of reviewing EarSonics models; between average_joe, ljokerl, and I, we’ve pretty much covered all of them in the last years. Some models as the Velvet were even covered multiple times. The reason isn’t that EarSonics is a partner of the site in any way; we all happen to share a deep appreciation for their models. Even though their house sound is continuously changing, EarSonics has always offered a very musical sound at its core, combining emotional sound with technicality.

Their latest in line is a new 5 driver model, the ES5; in Max’ words, the marketing director, it combines the best features of the Velvet, S-EM9, and EM10. I’m personally hoping that means the sub-bass power of the Velvet, tone of the EM10, and technical precision of the S-EM9, but I’m aware that might be a lot to ask. But hey, one can dream. Max has confined it’s become a personal favorite, so I have no doubt that whatever the outcome, it won’t disappoint.






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