EarSonics S-EM6 Crystal Limited Edition & Sound Color Chart Evaluation



S-EM6 vs. EM6: The differences are larger than I had anticipated and it looks like the S-EM6 is more detailed while the EM6 is more spacious.  There are also differences in the frequency response which make the EM6 look a bit less mid-forward and voiced a bit closer to the EM4.

EarSonics S-EM6-SOUND

EarSonics EM6-SOUND


S-EM6 vs. EM3 Pro:  While I haven’t yet made this comparison, it is interesting to see the differences, which are significant.  This is a comparison and evaluation I will have to perform in the future.  EM3 Pro review

EarSonics S-EM6-SOUND



S-EM6 vs. EM32: EarSonics’s newest product is the EM32, which is a culmination of all they have learned, but made for the stage.  I am very interested in this product and it looks to be quite different than any other EarSonics product.

EarSonics S-EM6-SOUND


Let us know your thoughts on the Crystal S-EM6 and the new sound charts.  If you have any thoughts I may have missed or different perspectives or interpretations of the charts, please let us know in the comments.

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