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EarSonics Velvet universal custom in-ear monitors with sound tuning

EarSonics Velvet: 3-in-one universal IEM announced

EarSonics is not one to rest on their laurels and decided they need something to fill the void between the SM64 and S-EM6.  Before I start describing the Velvet, I wanted to jump into my history with EarSonics.  If you are unfamiliar with my reviewing history or EarSonics, my first experience with an EarSonics product was the SM3 (review by ljokerl) and it changed my perception of great sound with its amazing imaging and spatial qualities.  The distinct sound signature, which is similar to the Westone UM30 Pro (formerly the UM3X), was a turn off to some, making it a love or hate type product.

My next EarSonics experience wasn’t quite as good with the EM3 Pro as the step up from the SM3 wasn’t as large as I thought it should be from the price increase.  However, other EarSonics products including the SM64 (review by ljokerl) and S-EM6 have been impressive, with sound signatures that are more universally appealing.  I have also reviewed the custom EM4 and will be reviewing their musician flagship, the EM32.

EarSonics Velvet universal custom in-ear monitors with sound tuningEnter the EarSonics Velvet, the newest EarSonics product and the first in their new Premium Signature line.  This major design evolution of their earphones that has taken 3 years of research and development to achieve and offers a switch that changes between three different sound tunings.  Sound tuning has become more popular these days with several options and different methods of achieving the tuning, but the Velvet stands alone with three preset points vs. changing switches.

As mentioned above, the Velvet is poised to fill the void between the S-EM6 and SM64 with a price of $749 plus shipping.  From the charts on the product page, it appears the sound signatures are: reference with a brighter sound, neutral, and V-shaped with enhanced bass and treble.  The EarSonics sound signature of slightly forward mids and slightly laid-back upper mids remains.  Stay tuned for impressions in the near future and a full review.

EarSonics Velvet universal custom in-ear monitors with sound tuning





Having a life-long love of high-quality audio and gadgets, average_joe got back in touch with his audiophile side after a hiatus caused by life. His focus became headphones and related gear as the size and price fit his life better than home audio. He believes the entire audio chain is important, and likes to continue to think past the headphone and on into the head, as he believes understanding the details of how we hear will lead to a better audio experience.


3 Responses

  1. Hi James,

    I have not yet had the opportunity to pair the Velvet with the AK120. The SM3 is quite mid-forward, putting the listener on stage, which is not all that common of a presentation perspective, even for other EarSonics products. The Velvets are much clearer and do reveal issues in tracks and the better the source you use, the more you will appreciate the Velvets vs. the SM3, unless you really want to be on stage with the musicians!


  2. Hi Joe,

    Just wondering how the Velvets sound with the AK120?

    I’ve noticed that to my ears on the iphone 6 plus, the SM3’s vocals are more enveloping and cohesive compared to the Velvets. The bass response however is much better on the Velvets. The mids are more relaxed and detailed in the Velvets, though it’s a bit laid back to my liking. Could the Velvets be finicky on source, or that they are just too detailed, as a result, worse at hiding bad recordings?


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