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EarSonics Velvet Crystal in-ear monitors

EarSonics Velvet Crystal has been announced

EarSonics has announced a new version of the Velvet, the Velvet Crystal, which will be available in February.  With a clear shell, you can see the internal components in all their glory.

Also, the original Velvet price has been reduced to $699.






Having a life-long love of high-quality audio and gadgets, average_joe got back in touch with his audiophile side after a hiatus caused by life. His focus became headphones and related gear as the size and price fit his life better than home audio. He believes the entire audio chain is important, and likes to continue to think past the headphone and on into the head, as he believes understanding the details of how we hear will lead to a better audio experience.


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  1. I am not sure how they fixed the original build quality issues, but from what I know they fixed the issues. The SM3 also had some issues long ago, but they fixed that and moved forward without issue, replacing faulty units along the way. If something isn’t right, they have taken care of their customers. Plus, the Velvet really doesn’t have competition from all the products I have heard in a similar price range, so I think you can feel safe and get a great value.

  2. average_joe, have they changed the shell material? I remember reading a few accounts of cracks on the shell. Do you feel there are build concerns? In your experience of course.

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