EarSonics Velvet V2



Fidue Sirius ($899)
Fidue’s flagship consists of a 1+4 hybrid, with a dynamic driver for the bass. While it has a slight midbass emphasis, the bass is more neutral than the Velvet’s. The Velvet has more bass quantity, producing a more powerful impact. The Sirius’ midrange is warmer, and more forward. Vocals have more intimacy, and are more natural in tone and size. Both share a brighter than neutral upper midrange. The Velvet’s midrange however has more clarity, with better articulation of individual notes. In addition, the Velvet’s brighter lower treble gives it a more energetic presentation.

While both create a wide stage that is not overly deep, the Velvet’s stage is airer, while the Sirius stage is warmer. In addition, the Velvet has slightly better imaging. Taken together, the two are more different than similar, with the Sirius having a warmer, midcentric signature, and the Velvet a brighter, fun-based tuning.

Campfire Audio Dorado ($999)
The Velvet and Dorado can both easily be categorized as a ‘fun’ tuning: a very wide stage, engaging V-shaped signature, but most of all: powerful bass. The Dorado’s dynamic powered bass has more weight than the Velvet, even in its ‘warm’ setting. There’s noticeably more mid- and upper bass, giving the bass a rounder, more impressive feel. In addition the tone of the bass is warmer, while it has a more natural decay. However, due to its size the bass is more prominent in the presentation. The Velvet’s bass is punchier, but also quicker.

The Dorado’s midrange is slightly warmer, with a relatively more forward vocal presentation compared to the more laidback Velvet. The midrange sounds a bit smoother, compared to the clearer sounding Velvet. The Velvet’s midrange however sounds cleaner, with more space between individual instruments. This is partially due to the Velvet’s lower treble peak, which contributes to the airy sound. Dorado’s treble is smoother and thicker, but offers less pinpoint precision.


Concluding thoughts

A while back I posted this article on the difference between the ‘music lovers’ and ‘audiophile’ tuning philosophies; one is designed to sound exciting, the other for its accuracy and trueness to the tone. The Velvet might well be the poster boy for the former: with its wide stage, powerful bass, and high-energy sound, the Velvet was simply designed to sound awesome. The Velvet won’t necessarily be the most refined iem, but there’s a youthful playfulness to the sound. There’s no doubt the powerful sub-bass will get your foot tapping or head nodding, while the presentation as a whole is clear and detailed. The bass might too much for a purist, and the treble less suitable for sensitive listeners. But we all have our guilty pleasures, be it a pop hit or some catchy club mix – and there’s nothing like the Velvet to make them shine.






Nic is currently in pursuit of a PhD degree in social neuropsychology, while trying not to get too distracted by this hobby. In pursuit of theoretical knowledge by day, and audiophile excellence at night. Luckily for him, both activities are not mutually exclusive which helps to lighten the workload. Always on the go, Nic's enthusiasm for hi-fi is focused on all chains of the portable system: iems, cables and daps.


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  1. Hi buddy I haven’t heard the Phonak. But Velvet always was a personal favorite for genres like hip hop, pop and EDM; really punchy sub-bass and energetic treble that works especially well with synthetic melodies. Plus, the wide stage will make it feel like a real upgrade I think; at least, it did for me when I first got it years back.

  2. flinkenick , is possible to compare the phonak audeo pfe 232 to the velvet if you have had a chance to listen to both, considering to get the velvet but am not sure if it worth a upgrade, I listen to mostly hippop

  3. Hi Zac, two nice affordable cables are the HanSound Audio Zen, and EA Ares II indeed. The Zen is lightly warm and smooth, the Ares II has a warm midrange but a crisper upper midrange. Both are $150.

  4. If you can tell me about good cable for upgrade the Velvet V2 maybe it will be enough for me.i’m really addict with sound of velvet.

  5. For some reason ES iems like the Velvet and S-EM9 tend to benefit more from cables than usual, in my experience. The stage becomes cleaner and more precise, the resolution higher.

    What are the strengths you’re looking for from the Velvet for a higher end model?

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