Edifier R1010BT Studio Monitor Speaker Review

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While they aren’t cutting edge or hyper resolving, the R1010BT provides a perfectly enjoyable sound at a very reasonable price. They aren’t an acoustically outstanding speaker in any regard, rather they provide an above average sound at a below average price. Moreover, this sound is wrapped within a delightful, style conscious housing that manages to be visually intriguing but not gaudy. The addition of Bluetooth connectivity grants them with a lot of versatility lacked by the R1280T that came before and a lot of more powerful 2.1 speakers around this price. Edifier’s new R1010BT will provide a hearty sonic upgrade to any integrated audio system and will be sure to invigorate any setup with their charming looks.

Verdict – 7/10, They might not have the most impactful bass response, the clearest midrange or the most detailed high-end, but the R1010BT focusses on something more important, and that’s the balance between these three elements.



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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  1. Right, but it’s clear now why “Sub-bass is mostly non-existent” – they don’t reproduce 20 to 70 Hz at all

  2. They’re rated for 70Hz-20KHz, but obviously, that doesn’t really reflect their real world performance.

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