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Edifier S2000Pro Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers Review – Dulcet

Pros – 

Excellent detail and resolution, Great bass depth and control, Neutral tone, Visually arresting design

Cons – 

Directional tweeters, No sub-out for larger setups, Midrange slightly thin

Verdict – 

Edifier provides the buyer with a versatile, flexible and visually arresting speaker that outputs balanced, dynamic and highly detailed sound.

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Introduction –

Edifier, to encourage improve, uplift and enrich. That’s just what the company achieved when they captured the speaker market almost 25 years ago. As of today, they represent the largest Chinese speaker manufacturer and the fruits of their industrial power bears fruit in the pricing of their speakers. Though not feature-laden as newer brands on the market, Edifier execute an excellent non-frills and focussed approach, focussing on timeless design and versatile sound. The S2000 Pro is their latest and surely one of their greatest, a successor

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Disclaimer –

I would like to thank Edifier very much for their quick communication and for providing me with the S2000 Pro for the purpose of review. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the speakers free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.

Accessories –


The S2000 Pro includes a wealth of accessories and everything needed for the user to take advantage of the speaker’s extensive connectivity. This includes a 1.7m RCA to 3.5mm cable and RCA to RCA cable, both with gold-plated connectors to prevent additional noise. As with the S1000DB, the S2000 Pro includes a 5m interconnect cable that delivers sound and power to the left speaker. Edifier also throws in a 1.5m fibre optic cable for use with digital inputs. A new remote offers new functions and more substantial quality.

Design –

The S2000 Pro is very reminiscent of the S1000DB before it and this is an excellent thing; Edifier’s former Australian flagship speaker was solid, sumptuous and sonorous. The S2000 Pro follows suit with identical dimensions while introducing a wealth of small tweaks that contribute to an even more luxurious experience. As opposed to MDF, the entire construction is solid wood, with matte black paint through the body and birch side panels. The panels have a slightly darker stain than the S1000DB, providing a slightly more premium aesthetic.


This impression is reinforced by the introduction of raised bronze feet that help to keep the speaker planted during high volume playback while reducing unwanted resonance. 5.5” aluminium cone woofers make a return, now retuned for additional precision. The tweeter setup receives a full makeover, the titanium dome drivers making way for flat-diaphragm planar drivers with stunning cone projector. For those unfamiliar with this technology, planar drivers offer substantially less modal distortion than dynamic drivers which should aid the reproduction of accurate, detailed highs at the cost of being slightly more directional, meaning that setup will be imperative with these speakers.


As with the S1000DB, the S2000 Pro is a larger speaker that is best suited for bookshelf listening, a medium TV setup or, at a stretch, PC for users with a large desk. The angled faces direct the tweeters towards ear level, maximising detail presence. The speakers are also hefty units, and those intending to use the speakers with TV or projector units may want to invest in sturdy speaker stands to match. Edifier offers 2ft stands with matching woodgrain panels for $180 AUD and it is a stunning set. It is then apparent that the S2000 Pro is very reminiscent of its preceding model, capitalising on its strengths while introducing a few subtle but appreciable upgrades. Additionally, the experience will be immediately familiar to Edifier fans who are looking to upgrade from lower models.

Usability –

As with former Edifier speakers, the S2000 Pro is a breeze to setup and use. I’m a particular fan of their Bluetooth implementation with no obnoxious beeps or tones, just simple feedback from the status LED. Turning on the speaker and switching to Bluetooth input via the remote immediately places the speaker into pairing mode. Once paired, the speakers quickly auto-connect to previously paired devices and, if disconnected, can be easily paired to more devices. Once connected, the S2000 pro delivered high-quality audio streaming from my Pixel 3 over Apt-X. As compared to a wired connection to a HiFi DAP such as the Fiio X7 MK2, the speakers did lose some fidelity over BT, most notably with regards to sub-bass extension and detail. However, the tonality remains the same and no audible distortion or artefacts creep in.


The S2000 Pro also offers ample range, remaining connected through 2 room of double brick walls. Within a single room, connection was rock solid and latency was low enough to enjoy video content without noticeable delay. AAC is also offered for Apple users, offering a noticeable increase in quality over vanilla SBC. The physical controls remain similar to its predecessor too, with metal knobs offering 6dB of bass and treble adjustment with a digital knob enabling volume control. The S2000 Pro actually loses a pair of RCA inputs but offers extended digital and passive connectivity including optical, coaxial and balanced XLR inputs for use with mixers and external amplifiers. The status LED of the S1000DB has also been refreshed with a larger display that showcases illuminated text to more clearly denote the selected source. This comes alongside an updated remote that is substantially more feature rich, now offering separate buttons for each input in addition to 4 eQ modes for easy adjustment.



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