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Design –

Delving into the physical build and design of the headphones and it should be no surprise that the W800BT isn’t the most lavish or solid headphone on the market. They aren’t even remotely comparable to headphones such as the Sony MDR-1A or Denon MM-400 and even some similarly priced headphones handily best the W800BT in both looks and feel.

Edifier W855BT – W800BT

But despite the W800BT’s all plastic build, Edifier invokes some interest via concentric texturing of the outer faces, providing the impression of a metallic surface. This grants the headphones with some convincing lustre in addition to a little traction in the hand which aids daily usage. The headphones are otherwise quite streamlined with well-moulded satin housings without creak or any obvious weaknesses. They have minimal outstanding features though Edifier do offer them in white and black In addition to the red model I received for review. Subjectively I prefer the simplicity of an all-black model though the signature Edifier red has some charm in its own way and it’s great to have options. In terms of fitment, the W800BT gets a lot right but still manage to feel awkward on the head. But that goes for a lot of portable headphones and I would honestly struggle to find a considerably better fitting headphone around this price point. Off the bat, I am not a fan of on-ear headphones, they have simply never worked for my ears, so it was refreshing to see the W800BT’s assume an over-ear fit. And while the absence of any kind of earcup adjustment mechanism does raise concerns, in reality, the headphones actually provided quite a reliable fitment. The earcups were well angled for my ears so long as the headband was adjusted correctly and the headphones have plenty of adjustment to accommodate most head shapes and sizes.

When wearing the headphones, the seal did feel a little off due to the somewhat stiff, plasticky earpads (a far cry from the supple memory foam units on the AH07) though they actually provided pretty decent if not particularly outstanding isolation during my testing (I still wouldn’t want to use them for public transport). They are also quite comfortable due to the presence of large cups combined with modest depth (barely contacting my outer ear) and low clamp force. Though the headband is not particularly wide, it is very soft and caused no hotspots in my usage, attributed to the headphones lightweight design. They retain stability on the head again through their incredibly light weight construction, staying put during simple commute, lying down, etc, though they are still not ideal for any kind of sport/exercise. When it comes to transport, the W800BT’s lack any folding mechanism nor are they particularly compact in any way even when the sliders are fully retracted. I suppose Edifier intends for them to be more of a fashion headphone, worn around the neck, but other users will notice that they occupy considerably more bag space than other portable headphones.

Edifier W800BT – Archeer AH07

So while the plastic build does vastly diminish feel in the hand compared to more solid competitors that adopt metal components and perhaps more sophisticated fitment/folding mechanisms, it does redeem the headphones when it comes to long-term comfort. I would also consider the W800BT to be quite an attractive headphone though not to the extent of being fashionable in any way and, as aforementioned, some similarly priced models such as the Archeer AH07 do impress with more solidity and metal intricacies.

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  1. i HAD TO TAKE MY HEADPHONES BACK TO THE SHOPE THREE TIMES. eACH TIME, THE BLUETOOH and other fuctions worked in the shop but not when I got them home. Very disappointed. They work perfectly well as ordinary headphones and are comfortable. But Bluetooth connectivity??? Nup.

  2. Nice review! As a non-audiophile with little experience with headphones, the build seemed ok to me and very comfortable as stated. Unfortunately after about 6 months of use it seems the wireless range has worsened considerably, and the built in mic keeps dropping in and out on calls. What is generally the expected lifetime on these kinds of products?

  3. Great review! So… I can assume non Apt-x enabled means not ideal for video, movies and (competitive) gaming?

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