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The W800BT is Bluetooth enabled though they don’t support apt-x (only v4.0) like some models, making them usable but not ideal for videos and movies due to their higher latency, the high-end also gets a little more crunchy over a wireless connection. The initial pairing process is simple, they use the same protocol as most other wireless headphones, operated through a single multi-function button (MFB). Holding the side mounted button for 3s powers on while holding for 5s enters pairing mode, another 3s hold turns the headphones off. Each function is accompanied by an audio cue and they aren’t ridiculously loud and obtrusive for lower level listeners. Wireless range and reliability were both without issue during my usage though range was definitely a little worse than Edifier’s higher end W855BT and Archeer’s AH07. The only scenario where I can imagine diminished range being an issue is usage with a TV though the headphones had no issue maintaining a connection with mine (through an adaptor). As aforementioned, audio latency wasn’t outrageous but was noticeable as with most non apt-x enabled headphones.

During usage, the side mounted volume controls were responsive, providing plenty of adjustment when volume settings were not available on the source, again, great for TV usage. Of note, the buttons change volume irrespective of the source so as to avoid compatibility issues. The MFB/power button also functioned well to play/pause music in Foobar, Spotify and Poweramp on my Android smartphone. All buttons cease to function over a wired connection though interconnect cables with integrated remotes are easily purchased separately.

The headphones charge via the micro usb port on the bottom of the right earcup and can be used with a wired source via the 3.5mm input port on the bottom left side. The headphones also work through a wired connection when powered off, useful if you forget to charge.

That being said, battery life isn’t too much of an issue with a phenomenal quoted battery life figure of 35 hours, for reference, most headphones I’ve come across offer a figure under 15. With the headphones connected to my iPod Nano 7G, playing at ½ volume, I achieved around 30hrs of usage before the critical battery tone chimed, very, very impressive indeed. In more casual usage, I was easily able to achieve a week or two of daily usage before needing to top them up.

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Ryan Soo

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  1. Nice review! As a non-audiophile with little experience with headphones, the build seemed ok to me and very comfortable as stated. Unfortunately after about 6 months of use it seems the wireless range has worsened considerably, and the built in mic keeps dropping in and out on calls. What is generally the expected lifetime on these kinds of products?

  2. Great review! So… I can assume non Apt-x enabled means not ideal for video, movies and (competitive) gaming?

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