Edifier W800BT Wireless Headpones Review

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If Edifier released the W800BT in a nicer housing, I have no doubt in my mind that many would pay a lot more for the sound quality on offer. But Edifier didn’t go with a premium housing, instead going with a relatively pragmatic yet incredibly cheap feeling construction. For the asking price of the W800BT, one would expect as much, but its looks and feel will never belie that $30 asking price like so many other similarly priced headphones I’ve come across; the W800BT just matches its cost in looks and feel rather than justifying it.

But once the headphones are on your head, that lightweight construction pays off through long lasting comfort. And when it comes to sound, buyers will be delighted to hear that the W800BT’s produce a great sound for the price; especially for lovers of a brighter, perhaps more balanced sound. I’m especially impressed with their linear (not neutral) bass response and midrange clarity even if I am less enthused about their aggressive high-end. The headphones are lacking some refinement, both in sound and design, but I still prefer their cheap feel to the discomfort of an awkward on-ear design and the vast majority of headphone around this price that value form over function.

Verdict – 7/10, The W800BT isn’t the most versatile, premium headphone around, but it is also a resolving, economical Bluetooth enabled headphone that costs less than a set of Apple Earpods. Their over-ear fit and lightweight build create a comfortable fit and decent stability. They aren’t fashionable but do produce a thoroughly detailed and clear sound. The lack of apt-x, portability and fatiguing high-end are concerns (in which case, the Archeer AH07 is a nice option), though the W800BT’s compromises are some of the best judged among similar headphones.

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  1. i HAD TO TAKE MY HEADPHONES BACK TO THE SHOPE THREE TIMES. eACH TIME, THE BLUETOOH and other fuctions worked in the shop but not when I got them home. Very disappointed. They work perfectly well as ordinary headphones and are comfortable. But Bluetooth connectivity??? Nup.

  2. Nice review! As a non-audiophile with little experience with headphones, the build seemed ok to me and very comfortable as stated. Unfortunately after about 6 months of use it seems the wireless range has worsened considerably, and the built in mic keeps dropping in and out on calls. What is generally the expected lifetime on these kinds of products?

  3. Great review! So… I can assume non Apt-x enabled means not ideal for video, movies and (competitive) gaming?

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