Effect Audio 8-wire Lionheart – The Golden Fleece


DISCLAIMER: Effect Audio generously upgraded my 4-wire Lionheart in return for my honest opinion. I am not personally affiliated with the company in any way, nor do I receive any monetary rewards for a positive evaluation. The review is as follows.

Effect Audio is a company at the height of their powers. Between the Ares II at the entry level and the Horus at the top of the hill, founder Zou Suyang has successfully developed an eclectic range of well-performing cables; ripe for the picking. Somewhere in the middle of that pack lies Effect Audio’s Heritage Series; a selection of products bred purely out of curious experimentation and methodical innovation. Although the pricier Leonidas is the flagship of the line, its little brother – the Lionheart – has gradually become the crowd favourite; acclaimed for its analog tone and dynamic energy. For review here is a Lionheart of the highest order: The 8-wire variant. Effectively doubling the metal (and the cost), does this permutation of the Lionheart still belong in the mid-tier market? Or, can it transcend into higher ground?

Effect Audio Lionheart (8-wire)

  • Wire composition: 26 AWG Litz EAGold-plated copper & EASilver-plated copper
  • Default configuration: 8-wire
  • Key feature(s) (if any): UltraFlexi insulation; Oyaide-designed PSquared plug
  • Price: S$1599
  • Website: www.effectaudio.com

Build and Accessories

Breaking away from their plain white boxes, Heritage is where you can truly see Effect Audio’s affection for extravagant packaging, and penchant for dashing flair.

The Lionheart comes in a luxurious matte-black monolith, surrounded by beautifully textured walls and finished with Lionheart glossily emblazoned on top. Slide off the paper sleeve, and the monolith reveals a deceptively-hidden door. Flipping it open reveals a card advertising the cable’s platinum-palladium plug, and – within a small cut-out – a branded leather pouch with the cable nestled inside. Unboxing the Lionheart is truly an experience in-and-of-itself.

Even beyond the showy proceedings, the cable itself does not fail to impress. The Lionheart – in its 8-wire braid – is an absolute stunner. Weaving in-and-out like a glimmering serpent, the Lionheart is a statement piece that demands attention. As is always the case with Effect Audio products, both fit and finish deserve high praise. Despite the cable’s generous size, it’s neither cumbersome nor stiff; suppleness, pliancy and weight are as impressive as ever.

The ornamental 2-pin connectors, Y-split and plug – all metallic and some carbon-fibre – are icing on a magnificently beautiful cake. They perfectly balance size and weight; providing sufficient space for all 8 wires without the need for larger (and heavier) hardware. And, this time, the sleeves on the 2-pin connectors actually stay on the barrel! Bravo!

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    • Hi Each,

      I tried this particular pairing in Singapore and I didn’t enjoy it to be completely honest. The 8-wire Lionheart’s inherent neutrality and sense of space counteract the VE8’s thick and engaging notes. Its technical prowess is undeniable, but it comes at the cost of what makes the VE8 so addictive. Though, I expect something like the 4-wire Lionheart to perform much better with the VE8.


    • Thanks Albert! You can go to Effect Audio’s website and select the Bespoke option. Alternatively, you can contact them directly via e-mail or Facebook. Cheers!

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