Effect Audio Janus Dynamic

vs. Effect Audio Horus

Effect Audio’s two top-tier cables are relatively close in pricing, providing two alternatives for high quality sound. Both cables can be considered as providing a detailed, reference-like sound. Even so, there are differences throughout their signatures. Horus’ lower treble is a bit more elevated, as is its general treble region. As a result, Horus provides more overt clarity, as well as an additional touch of sparkle. Janus’ midrange in turn is warmer in tone, and a bit smoother for sensitive listeners. In terms of detail they are quite close, but arrive from different directions. Horus offers slightly greater transparency, and a more stable background blackness; the quality of the stage is just a bit higher. However, Janus creates a larger stage in overall dimensions, providing more room for separation.

Even so, preference for either one will depend on specific pairings and personal taste. Janus provides a detailed sound with a slightly warm tone, that suits bright iems or more sensitive listeners. Horus’ slightly greater treble presence in turn provides greater articulation of its notes, and more importantly perhaps, more sparkle for those that pursue it. An equally important factor is more practical in nature, as Janus is noticeably more heavy due to its eight-wire design. As a result, Horus is more ergonomically-friendly for on the go.

Concluding thoughts

With Janus, Effect Audio has introduced their newest interpretation of high quality sound. The placement of warmer notes against a black background can even give it a somewhat darker presentation, while simultaneously providing a high amount of detail by means of its resolution and spacious stage. I personally generally prefer to pair it with brighter iems like the A18 or Flamenco, rather than warm iems like the Phantom or 5-Way. However, this is also at least in part due to the warmth of my go-to source, the SP1000 Cu. The brighter modded Sony WM1Z for instance paired better with warmer iems and Janus, so there is sufficient room for preference and matching to come into play.

Janus doesn’t emphasise the midrange, bass, or treble, but the presentation as a whole, resulting in a fairly linear sound with just the slightest touch of warmth. There is neither excessive warmth nor brightness, just as the signature is neither lean nor thick. A balanced signature follows from moderation, which in turn provides the framework for its performance to excel. Accordingly, the key to Janus’ unique performance lies in providing reference quality resolution and separation, without resorting to a brighter signature.


Effect Audio Janus D
Design: silver-, gold-, and palladium-plated copper in an 8-wire design
Price: $1399

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